Ready for a Real Texas Road Trip!?!

In 2014 we began development of Texas Time Travel Tours – a mobile app that provides statewide tours of Texas historic and cultural sites and locations. Upon initial release in 2015, Texas Time Travel Tours contained seven mobile tours which you may explore at the link above; the growing popularity of our app lead to the development of four new tours slated for release in spring and summer of 2017. Our new tours will include the Chisholm Trail in Texas, which celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Chisholm Trail and guides travelers to historic sites, museums, and cultural landscapes that frame and interpret the corridor of this famous cattle trail; World War One Home Front, which explores the history and legacy of Texan home front contributions during WWI; German Texans maps German settlements in Texas and gives voice to German Texans who keep their heritage alive; and the Independence Experience illuminates the personalities and groups in conflict during Texas Revolutionary battles.

The Chisholm Trail and World War One Home Front tours will launch first in spring of 2016; German Texans and the Independence Experience will launch by late summer 2017.  As the new tours roll out, we will announce their release on the THC’s Facebook page and begin sharing each tours’ respective tour videos via our social media channels.  Our videos will introduce viewers to WWI heroes and Black Cowboys, take you to places where German Texans still speak Texas German, and place you in the middle of Texas Revolutionary battlefields.  Our tour videos are not to be missed!

When the new tours are launched, we will also apply usability updates to the mobile app based on use data collected after our initial launch.  One of the most exciting new features allows app users to download each mobile tour individually within the app shell rather than having to download all the tours.  This option will save space on users’ phones and speed up download times.  In addition, the newest version of the app will allow users to save particular sites and locations to a Favorites list, allowing travelers to develop their own custom itineraries.

As release dates of our new tours near, excitement grows in the Heritage Tourism Program office.  We look forward to providing you with new interpretation of your state and guiding you to the real places that tell the real stories of Texas!