Education Resources

Educators and students can use the following materials and links to learn more about Texas history. 

Historical Markers Lesson Plan

Texas Historical Markers Lesson Plan with associated activities introduces students to the importance of understanding and preserving local history by using Texas Historical Markers as a resource. 

Military History Lesson Plans

The Texas Prisoner of War Camps Lesson Plan for middle school students incorporates World War II into 7th grade Texas History. Extra resources are provided to give background information and enrichment for students.

The Prisoners of War in Texas Lesson Plan for high school students discusses the prisoner of war camps in Texas during World War II, as well as the lesser-known story of internment camps, and their economic impact on the state. 

Archeology Resources

Texas Archeology in the Classroom—an educator's guide to teaching archeology with information, resources, and hands-on activities aligned with TEKS for classroom use (grades 3 through 12).

What Does an Archeologist Do?—what's the difference between an archeologist and a paleontolgist or geologist? 

Careers in Archeology—are your students interested in archeology as a career? Find out more.

Texas Archeology Month—each October organizations across the state celebrate the spirit of discovery.

THC Historic Sites Lesson Plans, Videos, and Online Activities

Starr Family Home State Historic Site—History Educator Guide for Elementary Students
Pre-and Post-Visit Lesson Plans—4th Grade

In this guide you will find 4th grade TEKS-aligned classroom lessons and extension activities that will prepare your students for a visit to Maplecroft house, the centerpiece of the Starr Family Home State Historic Site. You may reproduce all worksheets within this Guide for your classroom use. In preparation for their visit to Starr Family Home State Historic Site, students will gain insight into how railroad expansion and the real estate land business helped to settle the frontier of Texas. Students will learn that the Starr family’s business dealings were major contributors to this growth effort.

Starr Family Home State Historic SiteHistory Educator Guide for Junior High Students
Pre- and Post-Visit Lesson Plans—7th Grade

In this guide you will find 7th grade TEKS-aligned classroom lessons and extension activities that will prepare your students for a visit to the site. You may reproduce all worksheets within this Guide for your classroom use. In preparation for their visit to Starr Family Home State Historic Site, students will gain insight into the business dealings of James H. Starr and his sons and learn how immigrants contributed to the settlement of Texas by examining primary source documents and reproductions.

Casa Navarro State Historic Site—educators can use the 4th and 7th grade lesson plans, which are aligned with TEKS, in the classroom or as an introduction/follow up to a visit to Casa Navarro. Lesson plans and activities include information on Casa Navarro, the life of Jose Antonio Navarro, and Historic Laredito. 

Caddo Mounds State Historic Site—educators can use the site’s lesson plans in the classroom or in conjunction with a visit to Caddo Mounds. Topics are aligned with TEKS and include Caddo pottery, simple machines/tools/weapons of the Caddo, Caddo Indians, and instructions for creating a multimedia project about Caddo Indians.

Fulton Mansion State Historic Site—online tools provided by the site can be used in the classroom or at home. Activities include Following George Ware Fulton’s life on an interactive map and an online scavenger hunt exploring the life of George W. Fulton.

Sabine Pass Battleground State Historic Site—learn about Lt. Dick Dowling and follow the story of Sabine Pass before, during and after the Civil War from a series of videos produced using historical research, first person accounts and photographs and drawings.

THC Historic Sites Activity Guides

Casa Navarro Activity Guide(PDF)

Confederate Reunion Grounds Activity Guide (PDF)

Fort McKavett Activity Guide (PDF)

Fulton Mansion Activity Guide (PDF)

Landmark Inn Activity Guide (PDF)

Magoffin Home Activity Guide (PDF)

Sam Bell Maxey House Activity Guide (PDF)

Sam Rayburn House Museum Activity Guide (PDF)

THC Historic Sites Educator Guides

Caddo Mounds Educator Guide (PDF)

Confederate Reunion Grounds Educator Guide (PDF)

Eisenhower Birthplace Educator Guide (PDF)

Fannin Battleground Educator Guide (PDF)

Fort Griffin Educator Guide (PDF)

Fort Lancaster Educator Guide (PDF)

Fort McKavett Educator Guide (PDF)

Fulton Mansion Educator Guide (PDF)

Landmark Inn Educator Guide (PDF)

Sabine Pass Battleground Educator Guide (PDF)

Sam Rayburn House Museum Educator Guide (PDF)

San Felipe de Austin Educator Guide (PDF)

Varner-Hogg Plantation Educator Guide (PDF)

Education Links

The Institute of Texan Cultures The ITC's Education website has lots of information and activities for teachers, parents, and children, including "Just for Kids: Adventures in Texas History and Culture." Teaching Texas is the premier site for finding resources to teach Texas studies. All resources are linked to 4th and 7th grade TEKS. The website is a collaborative project of the Texas State Historical Association, the Portal to Texas History, and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, as well as others. You can also find THC educational materials here. 

Research Links

The Handbook of Texas Online The Handbook of Texas Online is a multidisciplinary encyclopedia of Texas history, geography, and culture sponsored by the Texas State Historical Association.

Portal to Texas History The Portal is a gateway to Texas history materials. You may discover anything from an ancestor's picture in a college yearbook to a rare historical map.

Texas Beyond History Texas Beyond History is a public education service of the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory at the University of Texas at Austin, in partnership with the Department of Anthropology at Texas State University and 15 other organizations.

The General Land Office Map Collection The vast Map Collection of the Texas General Land Office Archivesconsists of more than 80,000 manuscript and lithograph (printed) maps, sketches and documents dating from the early 1800s.

Celebrating Texas This site supports Celebrating Texas, Honoring the Past, Building the Future, a middle school Texas history program from McDougal Littell.