Celebrate Main Street Sweepstakes



"Welcome to Harlingen's Downtown" mural*This contest will begin at midnight on May 1, 2017, and close at midnight on May 31, 2017.

Prize Package

The “Howlin’ Gin” Heritage Getaway to Downtown Harlingen (the name of the Harlingen Main Street Program) will include:



  • Lunch or dinner for two at Colletti’s Italian Restaurant, located inside the historic 5th at the Reese building.
  • Breakfast or lunch for two at El Sombrero, a Mexican restaurant loved by locals.
  • Lunch or dinner for two at New York Deli, which has served New York-style sandwiches in the Rio Grande Valley since 1982.
  • Lunch or dinner for two at Ol’ D’s Soda Shop, featuring an old-fashioned restaurant, ice cream parlor, and live music on weekends.


  • Walking tour of downtown Harlingen, including the many vibrant murals depicting aspects of local and Rio Grande Valley history and culture.
  • Guided tour of the Harlingen Arts and Heritage Museum, which focuses on local and regional history and art and includes three historic buildings: the original home of Harlingen founder Lon C. Hill; the Paso Real Stagecoach Inn, and the city’s first hospital.
  • Visit to Harlingen’s Iwo Jima Monument, the original working model of the famous one at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. It's the exact same size, but made of plaster instead of bronze. Initially intended for Arlington, it was rejected in favor of bronze because of inclement seasonal weather. However, the plaster does well in Harlingen's climate.
  • Driving tour of midcentury modern buildings designed by two famous Harlingen architects: John Garth York and Alan Y. Taniguchi.
  • Special tour of downtown art galleries and a special private collection of classic cars, antiques, and neon signs.

*The sweepstakes is open to adults ages 18 and up.

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