National Register of Historic Places

The National Register of Historic Places is a federal program administered in our state by the Texas Historical Commission in coordination with the National Park Service. Listing in the National Register provides national recognition of a property's historical or architectural significance and denotes that it is worthy of preservation. Buildings, sites, objects, structures and districts are eligible for this designation if they are at least 50 years old (with rare exceptions) and meet established criteria.

The National Register designation imposes no restrictions on property owners. Those receiving grant assistance or federal tax credits for rehabilitation projects, however, must adhere to certain standards. Private property may be listed unless a majority of owners object prior to listing.

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Catalog of NR Nominations in Texas

Status of Pending Nominations

LISTED January 2019

Oliver-Eakle/Barfield Building
Amarillo, Potter County

River Oaks Courts
Medina, Bandera County

LISTED November 2018

William J. Fulwiler House
Abilene, Taylor County

Mount Vernon Downtown Historic District
Mount Vernon, Franklin County

Fort Worth Stockyards Historic District
(New Isis Theater Amendment)

Fort Worth, Tarrant County

Poe Motor Co. Building
San Antonio, Bexar County

LISTED October 2018

Kingsville Downtown Historic District
Kingsville, Kleberg County

Henry Smith Statue
Brazoria, Brazoria County

State Board of Review Deadlines and Agenda

The State Board of Review (SBR) meets three times each year to advise the State Historic Preservation Officer regarding National Register nominations. This review is required by federal law and provides an opportunity for public comment.

Upcoming SBR Meeting and Recent Activity

The following are dates for upcoming SBR meetings, and their corresponding deadlines for final draft nominations (previously reviewed by THC staff). 

Submit final drafts by 5pm on the corresponding deadline. Please see the "National Register Process in Texas" for additional information.

May 18, 2019 - Marfa
CLG* - March 1, 2019
Non-CLG - April 1, 2019
* List of CLGs (Certified Local Governments)

September 14, 2019 - Brownsville
CLG* - July 1, 2019
Non-CLG - August 1, 2019
* List of CLGs (Certified Local Governments)

January 2020 - Date and Location TBD
CLG* - November 1, 2019
Non-CLG - November 29, 2019
* List of CLGs (Certified Local Governments)