Texas Preservation Trust Fund

TPTF Overview

Texans have inherited a wide array of historic architecture and archeological sites that reflect the diversity of all those who have called Texas home. The most serious problem facing historic preservation in Texas is the rapid deterioration and destruction of thousands of Texas' historic and pre-historic sites. To meet this challenge, the 71st Texas Legislature established the Texas Preservation Trust Fund (TPTF) in 1989. The fund is currently managed by the Texas Treasury Safekeeping Trust Company. TPTF investment earnings are distributed as matching grants to qualified applicants for the acquisition, survey, restoration, preservation or for the planning and educational activities leading to the preservation of historic architectural and archeological properties and associated collections of the State of Texas. Competitive grants are awarded on a one-to-one match basis and are paid as reimbursement of eligible expenses incurred during the project.

Applications will be available each year to public or private entities for projects involving eligible historic properties, sites or projects. There are two steps in the grant application process. First, all applicants are required to submit brief application forms for the THC to review prior to each year’s deadline. The THC will select the highest priority projects from the initial applications and invite those applicants to move forward to the second step. Successful applicants will continue the process by submitting detailed project proposals and budgets. Full project proposals will be considered by the Commission as per the grant cycle calendar. The exact timetable will be published on the THC website as grant cycles are announced

The Fiscal Year 2020 grant application guide will be available in December 2018.

TPTF Emergency Grant Program for Hurricane Harvey Disaster Assistance

The THC awarded emergency grants totaling $195,000 to properties and sites that sustained damage due to Hurrican Harvey. Read the THC blog post and press release to find out more about the grant projects. 

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