THC's Newest Travel Guide Offers Glimpse Into Texas' Cowboy Culture

The Texas Historical Commission’s (THC) latest travel publication is a timely redesign and expansion of the long out-of-print heritage travel guide, The Chisholm Trail: Exploring the Folklore and Legacy. It coincides with this year’s 150th anniversary of the Chisholm Trail.

What we know today as the Chisholm Trail was a conduit for Texas longhorn cattle to move from South Texas to markets in the Midwest. Despite its relatively short existence from 1867 to the 1880s, the Chisholm Trail made an inestimable cultural impact on Texas and the nation, influencing literature, music, motion pictures, and television.

The Chisholm Trail guide provides a compelling, educational experience for all heritage travelers, whether a local exploring the history surrounding three of the biggest names in cattle—Richard King, George Fulton, and Charles Stillman—and their roles in founding prominent South Texas cities, or a visitor experiencing Fort Worth’s Stockyards National Register Historic District—one of the most popular heritage travel destinations in Texas. These and dozens of diverse cultural and historical destinations across 44 cities, from Brownsville along the Rio Grande to Saint Jo and Nocona near the Red River, offer a glimpse into the rich cowboy culture and heritage of the Lone Star State.

The full-color travel guide is lavishly illustrated with photos, timelines, maps, and educational information on Texas’ heritage, all in an intuitive, pocket-sized brochure. Last printed in 2002, the new version features an all-new design, expanded educational section about the trail, 10 new cities, and information about the companion mobile tour. The Chisholm Trail: Exploring the Folklore and Legacy once again joins other THC guides highlighting a wide range of Texas stories and the places that preserve them.

A mobile app version of the guide is also available for free download. Part of the Texas Time Travel Tours app, the mobile tour adds to the travel experience by offering videos, first-person interviews, maps, and other useful visitor information for exploring cowboy culture and heritage in Texas.

The travel guide and mobile tours are organized around 10 heritage regions in the THC’s nationally award-winning tourism initiative, the Texas Heritage Trails Program. For more information about heritage travel opportunities in Texas, visit, where you can download or order a free copy of the THC’s The Chisholm Trail: Exploring the Folklore and Legacy.