How to Become a Certified Local Government

In Texas, a city or a county may apply to become a Certified Local Government (CLG). To qualify as a CLG, a local government must:

  1. Enforce state or local legislation that protects historic properties
  2. Establish a qualified review commission composed of professional and lay members
  3. Maintain a system for surveying and inventorying historic properties
  4. Provide for public participation in the historic preservation process, including recommending properties to the National Register of Historic Places.

Interested local governments are encouraged to contact the CLG coordinator at the Texas Historical Commission (THC) prior to preparing an application. Numerous steps are involved in the application process, and communicating with the THC will reduce delays for official designation.

To pursue designation, follow these steps:

  1. Submit a Request for Certified Local Government Status form, which may be obtained from the THC. This form must be signed by the chief elected official of the interested local government and submitted to the THC's executive director.
  2. Enclose a copy of the local preservation ordinance (municipalities) or copy of the county
    historical commission's adopted by-laws (counties). See the Model Historic Preservation Ordinance.
  3. Enclose a list of locally designated properties, Recorded Texas Historic Landmarks, State
    Antiquities Landmarks, and National Register properties. Include maps and statements of significance.
  4. Enclose the resumes of the designated historic preservation officer and members of the historic preservation review commission, board, or committee, indicating their qualifications, credentials, or expertise in fields related to historic preservation
  5. Enclose a copy of an adopted preservation plan or a list of goals and objectives for the local preservation program.
  6. Enclose a copy of a signed HPO appointment letter.
  7. Once a year, each CLG must provide an annual report to the THC. All annual reports will be submitted online through the digital report. The Fiscal Year 2015 Annual Report is available for viewing.

For full program information, contact the CLG coordinator or call 512.463.9063.