Annual Reporting for County Historical Commissions

CHCs provide an annual report of activities to the Texas Historical Commission (THC). As a courtesy, the CHC Outreach Program provides a report template to encourage CHCs to fulfill their statutory reporting responsibilities. Reporting each year enables CHCs to comment on timely preservation issues, as well as document organizational efforts. CHC Outreach uses Texas’ Statewide Preservation Plan as the framework for the report to assist CHCs in complying with their statutory responsibility to align CHC efforts with the statewide plan.

CHC Reporting Responsibilities

CHC Outreach sends an email message to CHC Chairs in January with a link to an online report. A paper report is provided to CHC chairs who do not have access to the Internet. This report is used to document activities for the previous year of service. After evaluating the reports, CHC Outreach recommends THC programs and services that will address the areas of need and also suggests local, regional, and statewide partners that may enhance the overall outcome of CHC efforts.

CHC Chairs can access more information about their responsiblities toward annual reporting here

CHC appointees can find out how to improve an annual report here

Online Reporting for CHCs

A screenshot of a surveyOnline reporting enables CHC Outreach to analyze cumulative results, provide more accurate statewide CHC statistics, and identify regional trends for preservationists. We encourage CHCs to become more computer-friendly in order to access this online report, as well as to the variety of preservation tools and resources available online.

By participating in the online reporting method, CHC activity can be documented, compiled, and promoted in more efficient and meaningful ways. Reporting results are used to illustrate the importance of CHC work to public officials and preservation partners. Most importantly, online reporting information allows our staff to better serve the needs of each CHC.

Although online reporting is preferred, the THC is committed to serve individuals regardless of access or familiarity with computers or the Internet. Paper versions of the report are provided to individuals who do not have an email address. Photo at right courtesy of Matagorda CHC.

Reporting Summaries and Related Links

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