CHC Training and Workshops

A variety of training opportunities are provided each year thanks to the Texas Historical Commission (THC), as well as other state, regional, and local preservation organizations. This variety enables appointees to fulfill the statutory directive to attend at least two educational trainings each year.

Our Training & Consulting webpage lists upcoming workshops hosted by THC. Develop relationships with area CHCs and preservation organizations. Take time to share information and coordinate educational efforts, so that event attendance increases along with the impact of your efforts!

Visit websites for the following state and regional partners to learn more about other educational opportunities.

CHC Educational Material Free of Charge

THC's website is populated with a wide range of technical advice that enables individuals and organizations to benefit from our agency's preservation professionals. THC-sponsored workshops are provided throughout the year, but only as time and funding allow. So, we strongly recommend that you spend quality time with our web material!

Use the search box at the top right corner of each THC web page and find more about preservation topics that are of interest to you. You can also visit the CHC Appointee Orientation Content webpage on this website to access CHC orientation material and a list of web material that covers the basics of CHC business. 

Role of Appointee webinar recording and reference material located here


Previous CHC Outreach Workshops 

2016 CHC Orientation workshops were held in 2016. More information here.

2016 Story of Texas Workshop—more information here

2015 Story of Texas Workshop: Connecting Educators and Audiencescontent here.  

2014 Story of Texas Workshop: Telling your story in bigger and better wayscontent here

2012 Preservation Month Regional Workshops--THC's CHC Outreach and Certified Local Government programs developed a series of capacity building workshops to help our customers and partners to contribute to the livelihood of Texas communities. These workshops explored current approaches to educating and influencing others about historic preservation. Each regional workshop featured guest speakers who have made positive contributions to that region. Flyers for each workshop are provided below. 

May 1, 2012—Kingsville: Telling the Story of Your Place (PDF)

May 8, 2012—Jefferson: Rediscovering our Unique History (PDF)

May 15, 2012—Lubbock: Saving the Real Places of Texas (PDF)

May 16, 2012—Eastland: Articulating Your Mission and Message (PDF)

May 22, 2012—Fort Davis: Partnering to Strengthen Communities (PDF)

CHC Outreach Workshops and Presentations

The initial goals of the CHC Outreach Program were to empower CHCs through training, educate public officials, and expand partnerships and communication networks for CHCs. Created in 2008, CHC Outreach spent a great deal of time with CHCs around the state--provided presentations to county officials, provided workshops to local preservationists, and attended CHC meetings to discuss challenges specific to their county.

CHC Outreach now focuses on educational opportunities that benefit multiple counties rather than presentations to individual CHCs. Efforts such as regional workshops and conferences maximize the use of time, effort, and travel, as well as create additional opportunities for CHCs to meet and discuss ways to fulfill statutory responsibilities.

More recommendations for CHC planning and growth located here

The Tom Green CHC and the Milam CHC consistently provide educational opportunities to their region. 


More info on the Publications for CHCs webpage.