Courthouse, 1 N Waco St, Hillsboro

Address: Courthouse, 1 N Waco St, Hillsboro

Date: 1890

Historic Uses: Courthouse

Stylistic Influences: Second Empire, Italianate, Classical Revival

National Register of Historic Places: Recommended Eligible

Previous Designations: National Register Listed (Indiv.), RTHL, SAL

Other Historic Designations: 2071000939, 8200000360, 5217002481, 4302000180

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Hill County Courthouse

National Register Listed: 71000939

SAL: 8200000360

RTHL: 5217002481

Courthouse: 4302000180

A Texas version of the Second Empire style, the Hillsboro courthouse was built in 1890 by Wesley Clark Dodson and tragically destroyed by fire in 1993.  The original plan of the building was symmetrical with four identical five-bay facades with elegant columns.  (Information from Courthouse files)

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