Roundabout, Circle Rd, US 77, Waco

Address: Roundabout, Circle Rd, US 77, Waco

Date: 1933

Historic Uses: Roundabout

Stylistic Influences: No style

National Register of Historic Places: Recommended Eligible

Previous Designations: National Register Eligible (Indiv.)

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Waco's Traffic Circle is the convergence of two highways: US 81 and US 77.  It was constructed in 1935.  This roundabout is one of the few vestiges of a traffic control device that was popular during the 1930s and '40s in Texas.  The use of these was short-lived as they proved less than adequate in terms of safety.  Approximately 200 feet in diameter, the Circle handled traffic from five different roads coming in from Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.  Due to so much traffic in the immediate vicinity, service geared to the automobile sprang up around the Circle, including gas stations, cafes, and motels.  After I-35 was built in the 1960s, traffic on the Circle lessened. (Information from TxDOT report WA578 10 SH001)

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