Recent Listing: Pittsburg Commercial Historic District

Pittsburg Commercial Historic District
Pittsburg, Camp County

The Pittsburg Commercial Historic District contains a high concentration of properties that reflect the economic, commercial, and architectural development of the community. The concentration of commercial buildings lies along Jefferson/Quitman Street, representing the late nineteenth and early twentieth century economic development of the city.

Founded in the 1850s, Pittsburg grew into a thriving agricultural service hub, adding businesses focused on transporting, processing, or manufacturing agricultural products and goods. The most active growth took place from the 1880s through the 1930s, and the bulk of the district’s properties date from this period. The district encompasses approximately 32 acres and contains 88 properties. The majority are one-part and two-part brick commercial buildings with storefronts composed of cast iron, brick, wood, and glass. Interestingly, the layout of the town is unique—it lacks a traditional courthouse square, its main thoroughfare angles sharply, and many commercial buildings back to secondary streets rather than an alley.

The Pittsburg Commercial Historic District was listed in the National Register on April 16, 2013, at the local level of significance, in the areas of Architecture and Community Planning & Development.

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