Apply for a Historical Marker

The historical marker process in Texas begins at the county level. After you have reviewed all the relevant information on this page, contact your county historical commission chair if you are interested in submitting an application.

The THC accepts applications for historical markers each fall for the following calendar year. The current application period has recently closed. The next application period is from September 1 through November 15, 2018 for 2019 markers. 2019 marker applications will be available for download on this site starting in August 2018. Please note that all marker applications must be approved and submitted by your county historical commission chair or marker chair to  

Marker program staff are offering several online webinars and in-person workshops explaining the marker research and application process through the summer and fall of 2017. Look here for a list of dates and times for these training opportunities.


Helpful Tools for Markers

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Family Home of George T. Briscoe, Devine, Medina Co.

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Marker Program Policies, Forms and Procedures

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2017 Historical Markers Program Work Plan (PDF)

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Official Texas Historical Marker Procedures (PDF) (for new marker applications)

Scoring Criteria (PDF)

Official Texas Historical Marker Policies (PDF) (for existing and new markers)

For an outline of the basic steps of the marker application process, please see this flow chart from Texas Preservation Handbook for County Historical Commissions.

The following 233 marker applications were received by November 15, 2017 for the 2018 Marker Application Period: 

Received County Topic
10/27/2017 Anderson Captain Steven L. Bennett, USAF, Medal of Honor Recipient
9/26/2017 Angelina Redland School
10/9/2017 Aransas Richard Henry Wood House (RTHL)
11/14/2017 Atascosa St. Joseph's Catholic Church
9/5/2017 Austin First Bellville High School built with a PWA Grant in 1938
8/24/2017 Bastrop Joseph Charles and Frantiska Langer Leshikar House (RTHL)
11/8/2017 Bastrop Siloah Cemetery (HTC)
11/8/2017 Bastrop Mary Christian Burleson Cemetery (HTC)
10/22/2017 Bee The Beeville Bee Picayune
9/1/2017 Bell St. Paul Lutheran Cemetery (HTC)
9/1/2017 Bell Temple Civic Theatre
9/14/2017 Bell Cyrus Maxell Campbell (1839-1921)
10/30/2017 Bell Barclay-Bryan House (RTHL)
9/19/2017 Bexar Heidemann Family Cemetery (HTC)
10/12/2017 Bexar Gerfers Cemetery (HTC)
10/23/2017 Bexar The Mexican Village
11/2/2017 Bexar Woodlawn Theatre
11/6/2017 Bexar Station "X"
11/15/2017 Bexar Good Samaritan Veterans Outreach and Transition Center (RTHL)
11/15/2017 Bexar Shiner House (RTHL)
10/16/2017 Blanco Brown Cemetery (HTC)
10/3/2017 Bosque Valley Mills Cemetery (HTC)
10/3/2017 Bosque Dr. Russell D. Holt
11/14/2017 Bosque Zion United Church of Christ
9/22/2017 Bowie Sand Hill Cemetery (HTC)
9/5/2017 Brazoria Mary Eveline McKenzie Bell
11/6/2017 Brazos Old Bryan City Cemetery (HTC)
10/17/2017 Briscoe Francis School
11/15/2017 Brown The Yantis House (RTHL)
9/6/2017 Burnet Rockvale Cemetery (HTC) Medallion only
10/31/2017 Cameron Fernandez-Laiseca Building (RTHL)
11/8/2017 Cameron Buffalo Soldier Historical Marker at Fort Brown
11/8/2017 Cameron Last remaining strip of land of the original Espiritu Santo Land Grant
11/8/2017 Cameron M. E. and Estella Garcia House (RTHL)
11/14/2017 Cameron Hofmokel-Versaggi-Lukefahr House (RTHL)
9/28/2017 Carson Liberty Cemetery (HTC)
11/11/2017 Chambers Chambers County Courthouse (RTHL)
11/12/2017 Cherokee Fred Douglass, Home of the Mighty Dragons
11/14/2017 Cherokee Annie Ella McCallum Ault and CW Ault Family
9/4/2017 Collin Bankhead Highway
11/15/2017 Collin Saigling House (RTHL)
9/2/2017 Colorado Gegenworth House (RTHL)
11/6/2017 Colorado The Christian Church
11/14/2017 Colorado Zeno Smith Texas Ranger
8/24/2017 Comal Ernst and Antoinette Gruene Home (RTHL)
9/1/2017 Comal Cypress Bend Park
9/1/2017 Comal Posey Cemetery (HTC)
9/1/2017 Comal Herman and Ada Knibbe Home (RTHL)
9/6/2017 Comal New Braunfels 1918 Fire Station (RTHL)
9/6/2017 Comal Heimer Cemetery (HTC)
9/5/2017 Comanche Cora Cemetery (HTC)
9/25/2017 Comanche Energy Cemetery (HTC)
10/13/2017 Comanche T. O. Moore
10/13/2017 Cooke Gainesville State School
11/13/2017 Coryell Prairie View Cemetery (HTC)
11/11/2017 Dallas Little Egypt
11/11/2017 Dallas City Lake Park Mesquite
11/11/2017 Dallas Fire of 1860
11/14/2017 Dallas Roach Feed & Seed Company
11/14/2017 Dallas A. J. Head Service Station
11/15/2017 Dallas Christ Church Episcopal (RTHL)
9/1/2017 Delta Nathaniel L. Corbet (1812-1901)
11/15/2017 Denton Pilot Point Community Cemetery (HTC)
10/2/2017 Donley Moffitt Hardware (RTHL)
11/2/2017 Ector The Bankhead Highway in Ector County
11/2/2017 Ector The First National Bank
9/1/2017 Ellis Midlothian Public Schools
11/14/2017 Ellis Early Waxahachie High School
11/15/2017 El Paso Marcelino Serna
10/30/2017 Erath First Christian Church Stephenville
8/21/2017 Falls Woodland Cemetery (HTC)
9/2/2017 Fannin Banking History
9/10/2017 Fannin Union Cemetery (HTC)
10/27/2017 Fannin Oak Ridge Cemetery (HTC)
10/13/2017 Fayette Schulenburg Community Cemetery (HTC)
10/13/2017 Fayette Stephen's Chapel Methodist Cemetery (HTC)
11/14/2017 Fayette Webb-Schneider House (RTHL)
11/15/2017 Fort Bend Court Hardware Company, Inc.
11/15/2017 Fort Bend Sugar land First United Methodist Church
11/15/2017 Fort Bend George Ranch House (RTHL)
9/11/2017 Galveston Nelson E. Leopold
11/7/2017 Galveston Engine House No. 3
11/7/2017 Galveston Galveston, Houston & Henderson Freight Depot
11/15/2017 Galveston The 1904 Helen E. Ebert House
11/8/2017 Garza Post Santa Fe Depot (RTHL)
11/15/2017 Gillespie Metzger Girls Captured and Murdered by Indians
9/7/2017 Goliad Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
9/1/2017 Gonzales Riverside School (RTHL)
10/23/2017 Gonzales Waelder Cemetery (HTC)
11/13/2017 Gonzales Waelder City Cemetery (HTC)
11/15/2017 Grayson Grayson County Poor Farm
11/15/2017 Grimes Zion Cemetery (HTC)
11/14/2017 Guadalupe Max Starcke Park Clubhouse (RTHL)
8/4/2017 Hall Lakeview Cemetery (HTC)
9/8/2017 Harris Early Settlers in Deer Park
9/16/2017 Harris Astrodome (RTHL)
9/18/2017 Harris Waddell's House Furnishing Company (RTHL)
9/20/2017 Harris City of Baytown
9/20/2017 Harris J. Robert Neal House
9/22/2017 Harris The J. Robert Neal Olmsted Brothers Garden
11/3/2017 Harris Humble Independent School District
10/10/2017 Harrison First State Bank of Hallsville
10/10/2017 Harrison Young's Mill Pond
11/9/2017 Harrison Bishop College
11/14/2017 Harrison CG Lancaster, Architect
8/24/2017 Hays Cheatham-Hohenberg Cemetery (HTC)
9/29/2017 Hays Cocke Cemetery (HTC)
11/9/2017 Hays W. T. Chapman
10/18/2017 Henderson Leagueville Baptist Church
10/18/2017 Henderson Chandler Memorial Cemetery (HTC)
11/1/2017 Henderson J. W. Brownlow
11/15/2017 Hidalgo The Pharr Riot
11/15/2017 Hidalgo Peñitas Common School
10/22/2017 Hill Covington Cemetery (HTC)
11/5/2017 Hill Prairie Dale Cemetery (HTC)
11/9/2017 Hill Mesquite Cemetery (HTC)(Name & Date Plaque)
11/15/2017 Hill Bethlehem Cemetery (HTC)
10/31/2017 Hood Pleasant Thorp
11/14/2017 Hopkins Old Jefferson Road
11/1/2017 Houston Fodice Cemetery (HTC)
10/19/2017 Hutchinson Dial #1 - First oil well in Hutchinson County
10/7/2017 Irion Arden Cemetery (HTC)
10/7/2017 Irion Sherwood Cemetery (HTC)
10/10/2017 Irion Rest Haven Cemetery (HTC)
11/15/2017 Jackson Hortense Sparks
11/2/2017 Jim Hogg Lino Ramirez Family Cemetery (HTC)
11/10/2017 Jim Hogg El Colorado Ranch Cemetery (HTC)
11/14/2017 Jim Hogg Jim Hogg County Old Jail (RTHL)
11/15/2017 Jim Hogg Las Cuevitas Cemetery (HTC)
11/14/2017 Jim Wells Alice Negro School
11/7/2017 Johnson Original 1915 J. N. Long Elementary Building (RTHL)
8/23/2017 Karnes History of First Baptist Church - Kenedy
8/29/2017 Kendall Nicolaus Zink’s Historic Land  at the Pinta Trail Crossing of the Guadalupe River
9/1/2017 Lamar Church of the Holy Cross, Episcopal
11/10/2017 Lampasas W. T. Campbell
9/25/2017 Lampasas Gartman and Carpenter Home (RTHL)
9/1/2017 Lavaca Queen of Peace Catholic Church, Sweet Home, TX
9/4/2017 Lavaca Dr. Hugo Strieder
9/14/2017 Lavaca East Side Church of God
10/4/2017 Lavaca Sunken Garden Dance Platform
10/9/2017 Lavaca Ross Middlebrook Youngs
10/15/2017 Lavaca Queen of Peace Catholic Cemetery (HTC)
10/25/2017 Lavaca Klimitchek Cemetery (HTC)
11/13/2017 Lavaca Wied Hall
10/9/2017 Liberty City Cemetery (HTC)(Medallion ONLY)
11/10/2017 Lipscomb Higgins United Methodist Church
10/26/2017 Live Oak Saint George Catholic Church, George West, Texas - 1918-2018
11/15/2017 Live Oak Jessy Franklin Gray (1895-1968)
11/14/2017 Lubbock City of New Deal
11/14/2017 Lubbock First Christian Church (Discipled of Christ)
11/14/2017 Lubbock New Hope Baptist Church
11/15/2017 Lubbock Nicolett Hotel
9/1/2017 Madison Oxford Cemetery (HTC)
11/13/2017 Matagorda Palacios Colored School
11/14/2017 McLennan Santa Cruz Cemetery (HTC)
11/1/2017 Milam San Andres Masonic Lodge
11/13/2017 Milam Old City Cemetery - Rockdale (HTC)
11/13/2017 Milam Rockdale Chamber of Commerce - A Stone-Tree Rock House (RTHL)
11/14/2017 Milam Historic Bridges of Milam County
11/13/2017 Montague Bob Stone Confederate Camp
11/9/2017 Montgomery Elizabeth Shaw Cartwright Cemetery (HTC)
11/1/2017 Nacogdoches United States Occupation of Nacogdoches 1836
11/15/2017 Nacogdoches Immaculate Conception Cemetery (HTC)
10/27/2017 Navarro Midway Cemetery (HTC)
9/1/2017 Newton Sand Ridge Cemetery (HTC)
9/20/2017 Nueces Matthew Nolan
11/3/2017 Nueces Del Mar College
11/6/2017 Nueces Restland Memory Park
11/6/2017 Nueces Mother Margaret Mary Healy Murphy
11/6/2017 Nueces The Vegetable Industry in Nueces County 1920's-1950's
11/6/2017 Nueces George Owens, Buffalo Soldier
11/5/2017 Orange Train Depot (RTHL)
10/6/2017 Panola Panola College
10/23/2017 Parker Strange-Sutton Cemetery (HTC)
10/23/2017 Parker Bear Creek Cemetery (HTC)
10/23/2017 Parker Prairie Hill Cemetery (HTC)
10/23/2017 Parker The William and Elisabeth Woody Historic Homestead-1854
10/23/2017 Parker Bud Clark Cemetery (HTC)
10/24/2017 Parker Woody Cemetery (HTC)
10/27/2017 Parker Veal's Station Cemetery (HTC)
11/7/2017 Parker Mount Pleasant Colored School (RTHL)
9/22/2017 Red River Cuthand Cemetery (HTC)
11/14/2017 Red River New Hope Baptist Church (RTHL)
9/27/2017 Robertson Calvert Jewish Cemetery
9/5/2017 Rockwall Glen Hill Cemetery (HTC)
9/3/2017 Rusk Lakewood Memorial Park (HTC)
11/13/2017 Sabine Alfred D. & Martha A. Causey Oliphint
10/1/2017 San Saba China Creek Cemetery (HTC)
11/1/2017 San Saba A.J. Rose Mill
10/23/2017 Shelby Pleasant Hill Cemetery (HTC)
9/6/2017 Stonewall Old Glory Cemetery (HTC)
11/14/2017 Taylor Gravesite of HSU Founders, known as  the Campus Quadrangle
10/9/2017 Tarrant Emanuel Hebrew Rest Cemetery (HTC)(Medallion ONLY)
11/14/2017 Tarrant HEB American Legion Post 379
11/14/2017 Tarrant Fountain G. and Mary Oxsheer House (RTHL)
10/23/2017 Terrell Chandler Ranch
11/15/2017 Tom Green Lt. John James Goodfellow Jr. and Our World War I Heroes
9/19/2017 Travis Collins Cemetery (HTC)
11/9/2017 Travis  Mueller Airport Control Tower (RTHL)
11/9/2017 Travis Carrington Bluff House (RTHL)
11/9/2017 Travis Pennybacker - Alexander House (RTHL)
11/9/2017 Travis Snead-Rieck House
11/9/2017 Travis L. C. Anderson High School and the Integration of Austin's Public Schools
11/9/2017 Travis Boyce Family Cemetery (HTC)
11/9/2017 Travis Lee Elementary School
10/10/2017 Trinity Ellis Prairie Cemetery (HTC)
10/31/2017 Trinity Glendale Congregational Methodist Church
11/13/2017 Trinity Waco, Beaumont, Trinity and Sabine Railroad
10/12/2017 Tyler Fellowship Cemetery (HTC)
10/16/2017 Upshur Dickson Colored Orphanage Cemetery (HTC)
11/15/2017 Van Zandt Isaac Van Zandt
10/5/2017 Walker TX Senator William Luther Dean
11/8/2017 Walker History of Pine Prairie Free Will Baptist Church and Cemetery
11/15/2017 Walker Southend Cemetery (HTC)
11/15/2017 Walker Bishop Ward Normal and Collegiate Institute
10/19/2017 Ward Monahans Well
9/1/2017 Washington Washington Methodist Church
10/25/2017 Washington Veterans of World War I
9/12/2017 Wharton Louise State Bank Building (RTHL)
11/13/2017 Wharton Old Bethlehem Church and Cemetery
11/13/2017 Wharton Egypt Slave Cemetery (HTC)
11/14/2017 Wharton Irrigation and the Development of Agriculture in Lane City, Texas
11/13/2017 Wheeler Kelton Communuity Cemetery (HTC)
11/14/2017 Wheeler Shamrock Cemetery (HTC)
9/7/2017 Wichita Birth of KMA Oilfield
10/7/2017 Williamson Florence Church of Christ
10/7/2017 Williamson Taylor Cooper House (RTHL)
11/15/2017 Wilson Flores Rancho (RTHL)
11/10/2017 Wise Pleasant Grove Cemetery #1 (HTC)
9/3/2017 Wood Webster Community
11/5/2017 Wood The Journey of the Traveling Steel Truss Bridge
11/14/2017 Wood Rockfield Cemetery (HTC)(Name & Date Plaque)
11/14/2017 Young Eichelberger-Hinson House