Captured by Cameras: Texas’ Iconic Courthouses

Photo in the Courthouse Program ExhibitThe courthouse program is currently exhibiting a display that illustrates the benefits of the program and how it has helped counties across the state. Thanks to the passion many Texans have for photographing Texas historic courthouses, the exhibit includes many photos of historic courthouses across the state. They travel Texas highways, from county seat to county seat, crisscrossing the state and snapping photos. Touring all 254 counties takes significant planning, time, and countless miles, sometimes every weekend for years.

The Historic Courthouse Preservation Photo Exhibit at the Texas State Capitol features the dedication of many photographers.

  • Patrick Hughey, a Texas Historical Commission (THC) designer and videographer with a professional photography background, documents historic courthouses for the agency’s heritage tourism and educational initiatives.
  • Terry Jeanson has attended every courthouse rededication ceremony since 1999 and is a contributing editor to
  • Leonard Lane, AIA, and Richard Payne, FAIA, are registered architects who have photographed, studied, and written about Texas courthouses.
  • Brian Mihealsick, an architectural photographer from Austin, appreciates seeing the courthouses returned to their original appearance.
  • Dan Schwalm, a global architectural photographer, features Texas courthouses in his portfolio.
  • Wayne Wendel, a self-described “proud Texan,” made presentations about his hobby to the Houston Photochrome Camera Club, and donated his photo collection of 109 courthouses to the THC in 2012.

When and where you can see exhibit in the Texas State Capitol: 

  • March 14th-18th in the Central Gallery E2