Texas Preservation Trust Fund

TPTF FY 2016-17, Odom Homestead (historic photo), Burkeville, Newton CountyFor eligible historic structures, archeological sites and heritage education projects

The Texas Historical Commission (THC) awards grants for preservation projects from the Texas Preservation Trust Fund (TPTF). Created by the Texas Legislature in 1989, the TPTF is an interest-earning pool of public and private monies. The earned interest and designated gifts are distributed as matching grants to qualified applicants for acquisition, survey, restoration, preservation, planning, and heritage education activities leading to the preservation of historic properties and archeological sites. Competitive grants are awarded on a one-to-one match basis and are paid as reimbursement of eligible expenses incurred during the project. 

The TPTF Grant Program is your opportunity to save and protect Texas' threatened historic structures and significant archeological sites. The THC awarded $530,000 to 23 grant proposals during fiscal year 2016–17.

Texas Preservation Trust Fund Grant Program Application Information

The Texas Historical Commission (THC) is accepting Texas Preservation Trust Fund Grant Program applications for fiscal year 2018.The THC accepted TPTF Grant Program applications for fiscal year 2018 on January 31, 2017. Application documents are now for informational purposes only.

The TPTF Grant Program application process for fiscal year 2018 is a two-step process:

  1. All applicants are required to submit a brief application form to the THC for review. The THC will select the highest-priority projects from the initial applications and invite those applicants to move forward to the second step.
  2. Successful applicants will continue the process by submitting detailed project proposals by July 14, 2017.

Full project proposals will be considered by the THC for final grant awards in October 2017.

By submitting an application, you are notifying our office of heritage education needs in your community and advising us of endangered historic properties and archeological sites that may soon be lost if this valuable assistance is not provided. Play a part in preserving significant historic resources and providing heritage education across Texas!

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  • TPTF FY 2016-17, Development Grant, Eagle Cave and Bonfire Shelter Restoration, Val Verde County