2016 Story of Texas Workshop--Follow-Up Resources

Workshop speakers graciously provided the following information. 

10:00 AM: Opening Panel––Know Thyself . . . and Thy Neighbor

Slideshow from Ryan Robinson 
City Demographer, Planning and Zoning Department, City of Austin 


  • Simple demographic data can say a lot about a community—where it is today and how it’s changing over time.
  • Learning how to access demographic data can be your way of keeping a finger on the pulse of your community.


Slideshow from Stacey Ingram Kaleh 
Outreach Manager, Sherry Matthews Advocacy Marketing 

Conclusions for branding organizations: 

  • To build a strong brand identity you must understand your audience--this enables your organization to identify and respond to audience needs.
  • Responsive strategies make your organization more attractive to both visitors and donors--this is a mutually beneficial relationship.
  • Strong, lasting brands are trustworthy, authentic, unique, and responsive. 


Slideshow from Sarah Marshall
Assistant State Coordinator/Small Business Specialist, Texas Main Street Program

Conclusions for branding communities: 

  • Every place has a current brand whether it is calculated or not.
  • A successful city brand markets its history, quality of place, lifestyle, culture, diversity, and proactively forms cooperative partnerships between city municipalities and government.

Panel Summary Slide


12:30 PM: Promotional Partnerships 

Slideshow from Lani Gonzales 
Co-chair, Austin Museum Partnership

Slideshow from Randi Ragsdale
Marketing Manager, Bullock Texas State History Museum


12:30 PM: Fundraising Case Study 

Slideshow from Kate Betz and Leslie Atkins

Kate Betz, Head of Education
Bullock Texas State History Museum

Leslie Atkins, Membership Department Lead
Bullock Texas State History Museum


1:45 PM: Program Design 

Slideshow from Angela Kennedy

Family Programs Manager, Bullock Texas State History Museum



1:45 PM: Surveys and Strategies 

Slideshow from Amy Hammons and Lori Martin 

Amy Hammons, CHC Outreach Program
Texas Historical Commission

Lori Martin, UT Austin Graduate Student
Historic Preservation Program, College of Architecture


3:00 PM: Small Group Discussions 

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