2020 Real Places Conference Content for CHCs

CHCs discuss organizational issues.CHC Outreach staff provided a conference session called, Let's Talk About CHCs--a 3-hour facilitated session to examine organizational challenges for CHCs and nonprofits. This webpage provides copies of presentation material, transcriptions of small group discussions, and a host of supplemental documents related to organizational sustainability.

While most of these documents are specific to CHCs--county historical commissions--nonprofit organizations may find the reference material to be helpful. 

Session Presentation Material

Below is a PDF version of the slide presentation. Also provided is a version of the slides with notes to provide a commentary to explain the slides. Lastly, we provided an evaluation summary. Your comments are important and we wanted you to know that we do read evaluations and use that information to improve our services. Thank you for your input and kind comments!

Slide presentation here

Slides with speaker notes here.

Evaluation summary here


Group Discussions

This session discussed several issues related to organizational risk and sustainability. Below, we have transcribed notes from each discussion facilitator. Some of the comments transcribed may be confusing to those who did not participate in the related discussion. If you'd like context for any of the comments, contact CHC Outreach staff at 512.463.5853 for more information. 


Session attendees were split up into eight discussion groups. Each group was given a organizational scenario based on a challenge that CHCs are facing. We provided the worst case scenario--the challenge--but also provided a "best case outcome" so that each group could focus on a unified set of recommendations for session attendees. 

Groups were asked to break down their assigned scenario by answering three simple questions. Each group used the same discussion outline--see slide image above. Notes below document recommendations from each group. Each group is listed by topic; notes will provide scenarios and outcomes for your reference. CHC Outreach staff prepared recommendations for each scenario, and many of our comments overlap those made by CHCs. 

Group Discussion Notes

Group 1 -- Leadership Succession

Group 2 -- Training and Onboarding

Group 3 -- Meeting Attendance

Group 4 -- Financial Support

Group 5 -- Downsizing Programs

Group 6 -- Internal Communication

Group 7 -- Youth Outreach

Group 8 -- Aging Volunteers

THC Recommendations 

Group 1 -- Leadership Succession

Group 2 -- Training and Onboarding

Group 3 -- Meeting Attendance

Group 4 -- Financial Support

Group 5 -- Downsizing Programs

Group 6 -- Internal Communication

Group 7 -- Youth Outreach

Group 8 -- Aging Volunteers

Organizational Templates

While preparing for these sessions, CHC Outreach staff developed some organizational templates related to topics discussed. These templates were created with CHCs in mind but nonprofits may need similar documents to address their governance issues. As noted in each template, take the language, consider how items apply to your organization, and alter as needed to fit your needs. 


Expectations for CHCs

CHC Appointee Job Description

CHC Appointee Commitment Agreement

CHC Chair Job Description


CHC Business

CHC Budget Sample (basic)

Memo to County requesting Budget Consideration

CHC Meeting Agenda Sample


Training Material 

CHC Orientation Outline 

CHC Orientation Video and Web Material  


Planning and Management

Planning CHC Regional Meetings Flyer 

Example of a regional CHC meeting invitation -- provided by Milam CHC

Example of a regional CHC meeting agenda --
provided by Brewster CHC

CHC Work Plan (working document)

This is a sample document that we are developing for future CHC trainings. Insert your action items and planning information as column headings note. The Excel document allows you to sort by action item date, committee assignment, program, and deadline date. Even if you aren't an Excel user, you can use the general headings to prepare a plan that works for you, even one that is hand-written. 

CHC Skills Inventory Spreadsheet (working document)

This is a sample document that we are developing for future CHC trainings. Isolate the skills that are most pertinent to your CHC and add other skills necessary for your CHC. The document has an instructions tab that provides very simple instructions on how to use the document. 


Thank you for attending the Real Places Conference!

Your participation in our session was appreciated greatly.