Staff Directory

Historic Sites
Contact Name Title Phone Emailsort descending
Vacant, HSD Architect 512.463.6074
Richardson, Alysha Site Manager, Sam Bell Maxey House State Historic Site 903.785.5716 Email Alysha
McVay, Amanda Site Manager, Mission Dolores State Historic Site 936.275.3815 Email Amanda
Rogers, Amy Executive Director, San Jacinto Battleground and Monument Museum 346.379.5054 Email Amy
Smith, Jason (Andy) Site Manager, San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site 281.479.2431 Email Jason (Andy)
Reed, Angela Community Engagement Program Manager 512.463.5925 Email Angela
Souther, Tony Site Manager, Caddo Mounds State Historic Site 936.858.3218 Email Tony
Judkins, Barbara Site Manager, Starr Family Home State Historic Site 903.935.3044 Email Barbara
Irwin, Bill Director of Historic Sites Operations 281.479.2431 x246 Email Bill
Cruse, Brett Chief Archeologist 512.636.6763 Email Brett
Barr, Brit Architect 512.463.7947 Email Brit
McAuley, Bryan Site Manager, Fannin Battleground & San Felipe de Austin State Historic Sites 979.885.2181 Email Bryan
Elliott, Chris Director of Historic Sites Operations 432.693.6951 Email Chris
Mobley, Cody Site Manager, Fort McKavett State Historic Site 325.396.2358 Email Cody
Brisette, Danielle Site Manager, Magoffin Home State Historic Site 915.533.5147 Email Danielle
Shields, David Museum Director (COO), National Museum of the Pacific War 830.456.5575 Email David
McCoy, Dylan Budget Analyst 512.463.5929 Email Dylan
Cone Busch, Ellen Director of Historic Sites Operations 512.936.1520 Email Ellen
Davis, Georgia Ruiz Site Manager, Casa Navarro & Landmark Inn State Historic Site 210.227.4570 Email Georgia Ruiz
Reed, Glenn Chief Architect 512.463.6387 Email Glenn
Simon-Hassell, Hal Chief Interpretive Specialist 512.463.6382 Email Hal
Staff, Historic Sites 512.463.7948 Email Historic Sites
Wolins, Inez Assistant Deputy Executive Director of Historic Sites 512.463.6386 Email Inez
Lea, J. Allen Site Manager, Fulton Mansion State Historic Site 361.729.0386 Email J. Allen
Spilman, Jefferson Site Manager, Fort Lancaster State Historic Site 432.836.4391 Email Jefferson
Akers, John Site Manager, Eisenhower Birthplace & Sam Rayburn House State Historic Sites 903.465.8908 Email John
Failor, Jonathan Site Manager, Star of the Republic Museum and Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site 936.878.2214 Email Jonathan
Bell, Joseph Deputy Executive Director 512.463.8801 Email Joseph
DeNormandie, Laura Chief Curator 512.926.1336 Email Laura
Pannell, Lindsay Site Manager, Goodnight Ranch State Historic Site 806.670.5613 Email Lindsay
Hendrix, Marsha Site Manager, Kreische Brewery/Monument Hill and Confederate Reunion Grounds State Historic Sites 979.968.5658 Email Marsha
Kennedy, Mary Margaret Site Manager, French Legation State Historic Site 737.226.1324 Email Mary Margaret
Lebens, Mike Curator of Collections 512.926.1336 Email Mike
Baird, Mitch Site Manager, Fort Griffin State Historic Site 325.762.3592 Email Mitch
Beach, Sabrina Executive Assistant 512.463.5930 Email Sabrina
Nezamabadi, Sara Exhibit & Interpretive Design Specialist 512.463.7948 Email Sara
Deardorff, Sarah Historic Sites Architect 512.463.3297 Email Sarah
McMahon, Scott Site Manager, Presidio La Bahia State Historic Site 361.645.3752 Email Scott
Smith, Shannon Site Manager, Levi Jordan Plantation, Sabine Pass Battleground & Varner-Hogg Plantation State Historic Sites 979.345.4656 Email Shannon
Wong, Shelley Regional Retail Development Manager 979.885.2181 Email Shelley
Wenske, Theresa Executive Assistant 512.463.7948 Email Theresa
Gray, Troy Site Manager, Bush Family Home State Historic Site 432.685.1112 Email Troy
History Programs
Contact Name Title Phone Emailsort descending
Vacant, HPD Youth Education Specialist 512.463.5917
Vacant, HPD Project Reviewer 512.463.5939
Costello, Alicia Historical Marker Program Historian 512.463.4149 Email Alicia
Gerszewski, Alyssa Historian, Federal Programs 512.463.5924 Email Alyssa
Brinkman, Bob Coordinator, Historical Markers Program 512.463.8769 Email Bob
Tipton, Bonnie Historian, Federal Programs 512.463.6046 Email Bonnie
Brashear , Caitlin Historian, Federal Programs 512.463.5851 Email Caitlin
Hammons, Carlyn Cemetery Preservation Program Specialist 512.463.6044 Email Carlyn
Peveto, Charles Historian, Federal Programs 512.463.6008 Email Charles
Sadnick, Charles Division Director 512.463.5854 Email Charles
Hermans, Emily Museum Services Specialist 512.463.5921 Email Emily
Smith, Greg Coordinator, Federal Programs 512.463.6013 Email Greg
Staff, History Programs 512.463.5853 Email History Programs
Zapata, Jaclyn CHC Outreach Specialist 512.475.2692 Email Jaclyn
McWilliams, Jennifer Cemetery Preservation Program Coordinator 512.475.4506 Email Jennifer
George-Garza, Judy Program Specialist, Federal Programs 512.463.8452 Email Judy
Kockritz, Justin Lead Project Reviewer, TXDOT 106 512.936.7403 Email Justin
Casey, Laura Coordinator, Museum Services Program 512.463.6427 Email Laura
Wolfenden-Guidry, Leslie Historic Resources Survey Coordinator 512.463.3386 Email Leslie
Miller, Linda Senior Education Youth Specialist 512.463.1305 Email Linda
Calderon, Nano CHC Outreach Coordinator 512.463.9052 Email Nano
Cure, Stephen Coordinator, Military Sites 512.463.5833 Email Stephen
Hoffman, Tracy Administrative Assistant, Federal Programs 512.463.2266 Email Tracy
Norton, Trisha Office Manager 512.463.6063 Email Trisha
Staff Services
Contact Name Title Phone Emailsort descending
Vacant, SS Purchaser 512.936.0851
Vacant, SS Chief Budget Analyst 512.463.6055
Martinez, Abel Purchaser 512.463.5922 Email Abel
Craig, Alesya Accountant 512.463.8494 Email Alesya
Meyer, Amanda Budget Analyst 512.463.6068 Email Amanda
Castro, Carlos THC Fleet Manager 512.936.0857 Email Carlos
Bowser, Carol Accountant 512.475.2439 Email Carol
Duve, Christi Purchaser, Team Lead 512.475.3909 Email Christi
Estrada, Daniel Chief Financial Officer/Director of Staff Services 512.475.0774 Email Daniel
Zapata, Dori Payroll Officer 512.936.0859 Email Dori
Greene-Pierce, Evelyn Accounts Payable Specialist 512.463.6011 Email Evelyn
Sands, Karen Chief Accountant 512.936.0858 Email Karen
Pennie, Latasha Accounts Payable Specialist 512.463.5848 Email Latasha
Ward, Lynn Chief Accountant 512.463.0260 Email Lynn
Koch, Megan Grant Coordinator 512.463.3805 Email Megan
Ramos, Melissa Manager of Procurement and Contracting Services 512.463.7748 Email Melissa
Gibbons, Michael Purchaser 512.936.4198 Email Michael
Dunn, Nicolette Accounts Payable Specialist 512.463.7090 Email Nicolette
Valle, Norma Grant Coordinator 512.463.5976 Email Norma
Staff , Staff Services 512.936.0857 Email Staff Services
Cervantes, Timothy Historic Sites Accountant 512.463.5904 Email Timothy
Contact Name Title Phone Emailsort descending
Vacant, AD Regional Archeologist 512.463.5711
Vacant, AD Archeologist and Reviewer 512.463.5867
Vacant, AD Program Specialist, Antiquities Code 512.463.1858
Borgens, Amy State Marine Archeologist 512.463.9505 Email Amy
Vacant , AD 512.463.6096 Email AD
Staff, Archeology 512.463.6096 Email Archeology
Jones, Brad Division Director & State Archeologist 512.463.5865 Email Brad
McCarver, Donna Office Manager/Team Leader 512.463.6096 Email Donna
Sitters, Drew Regional Archeologist 512.463.6252 Email Drew
Dylla, Emily Regional Archeologist 512.463.5915 Email Emily
McCuistion, Emily FEMA Liaison, Project Reviewer 512.463.5938 Email Emily
Durst, Jeff Regional Archeologist 512.463.8884 Email Jeff
Fisher, Laney Administrative Assistant 512.463.5394 Email Laney
Moore, Maggie Regional Archeologist 512.463.6508 Email Maggie
Archambeault, Marie Regional Archeologist 512.463.8882 Email Marie
Valek, Michelle Atlas Program Coordinator 512.463.7999 Email Michelle
Shelton, Rebecca Regional Archeologist 512.463.6043 Email Rebecca
Pantermuehl, Roland Graphic Design, Illustration 512.463.8879 Email Roland
Osburn, Tiffany Regional Archeologist 512.463.8883 Email Tiffany
Moore, Virginia Archeologist Specialist 512.463.6096 Email Virginia
Community Heritage Development
Contact Name Title Phone Emailsort descending
Vacant, CHD Local Government Preservation Specialist 512.463.9063
Vacant, CHD CHD Programs Specialist 512.463.6006
Vacant, CHD Assistant State Coordinator, Texas Main Street Program 512.463.7465
Hammons, Amy Texas Main Street State Coordinator 512.463.5758 Email Amy
Butera, Audrey Event Planner 512.463.7475 Email Audrey
Patterson, Brad Division Director 512.936.2315 Email Brad
Hendrickson, Bryce Texas Main Street Project Design Specialist 512.463.3345 Email Bryce
Staff, Community Heritage Development 512.463.6092 Email Community Heritage Development
Crawley, Jamie Architect & Design Lead, Texas Main Street Program 512.463.7462 Email Jamie
Teich, Jamie Community Liaison, Texas Main Street Program 512.305.9045 Email Jamie
Little, Kelly Certified Local Government Coordinator 512.463.7812 Email Kelly
Klein, Kimberly Office Manager 512.463.6092 Email Kimberly
Maiz, Maria (Malena) Texas Main Street Project Design Specialist 512.463.9129 Email Maria (Malena)
Laurel, Mallory Heritage Tourism Program Development Specialist 512.463.3893 Email Mallory
Hall, Maximillian Special Projects Coordinator, TMSP 512.463.7466 Email Maximillian
Page, Sarah Heritage Tourism Program Coordinator 512.463.2630 Email Sarah
Whelan, Sebastian Community Liaison, Texas Main Street Program 512.463.5760 Email Sebastian
Caldwell, Teresa State Coordinator, Texas Heritage Trails Program 512.463.5755 Email Teresa
Contact Name Title Phone Emailsort descending
Vacant, DOA Program Coordinator, Federal and State Review 512.463.6183
Shane, Alexander Project Reviewer, Federal and State Review 512.463.8952 Email Alexander
Flores, Andreea Program Specialist, Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program 512.475.0129 Email Andreea
Miller, Andrew Project Reviewer, Disaster Assistance 512.463.5942 Email Andrew
Staff, Architecture 512.463.6094 Email Architecture
Salie, Ashley Program Coordinator, Texas Preservation Trust Fund Grant and Easement Programs 512.463.6047 Email Ashley
Lukes, Austin Project Reviewer, Historic Tax Credits 512.463.5907 Email Austin
Vos, Brandon Facilities Manager, Capitol Complex 512.463.4061 Email Brandon
Wright, Caroline Program Coordinator, Historic Tax Credits 512.463.7687 Email Caroline
Valenzuela, Dan Project Reviewer, Courthouse Preservation Program 512.463.6167 Email Dan
Evans-Reese, Donye Program Specialist, Courthouse Preservation 512.463.8821 Email Donye
Brummett, Elizabeth Division Director 512.463.6218 Email Elizabeth
Osborne, Eva Project Reviewer, Courthouse Preservation 512.305.9109 Email Eva
Malanaphy, James Project Reviewer, Courthouse Preservation 512.475.3285 Email James
Moseley, Jonathan Project Reviewer, Federal and State Review 512.463.5937 Email Jonathan
Sheldon, Katharine Project Reviewer, Federal and State Review 512.463.9122 Email Katharine
Hart, Lisa Program Coordinator, Disaster Assistance 512.463.6000 Email Lisa
Harvell, Lisa Project Reviewer, Disaster Assistance Program 512.463.6042 Email Lisa
Fleming, Sharon Project Reviewer, Disaster Assistance Program 512.463.5943 Email Sharon
Cox, Sheena Project Reviewer, Federal and State Review 512.463.6083 Email Sheena
Tietz (Gammage), Susan Program Coordinator, Courthouse Preservation 512.463.5860 Email Susan
Salgado Ojeda, Tania Project Reviewer, Courthouse Preservation 512.463.6088 Email Tania
Magolan, Valerie Project Reviewer, Historic Tax Credits 512.463.3857 Email Valerie
Granados, Veronica Office Manager 512.463.6094 Email Veronica
Contact Name Title Phone Emailsort descending
Staff, Administration 512.463.6100 Email Administration
Zutshi, Anjali Development Officer / Executive Director, FRIENDS 512.936.2241 Email Anjali
Sukiennik, Brian Help Desk Specialist 512.463.8832 Email Brian
Egele, Carol Deputy Executive Director for Administration 512.463.5767 Email Carol
Alejo, Carrie Friends of the THC Program Specialist 512.936.2189 Email Carrie
Oguamanam, Chinwe Lead Project Manager 512.463.6100 Email Chinwe
Tong, Cu Maintenance Specialist 512.463.6100 Email Cu
Firsching, Donald Programmer 512.463.8831 Email Donald
Rosales, Elinor Executive Assistant 512.463.2192 Email Elinor
Staff, Friends of the THC 512.936.2189 Email Friends of the THC
Louhela, Jada Director of Human Resources 512.936.2048 Email Jada
Falcon, Jesse Network and Server Administrator 512.936.2906 Email Jesse
Black, Joy Human Resources Specialist 512.936.0845 Email Joy
Peloquin, Kristy Development Manager, FRIENDS 512.936.2014 Email Kristy
Rocchi, Lynn Systems Support Specialist 512.463.6007 Email Lynn
Rosas, Maria Benefits / Worker's Comp / Risk Management Coordinator 512.305.6729 Email Maria
Ginsel, Mark Helpdesk Specialist 830.456.5575 Email Mark
Wolfe, Mark Executive Director 512.936.4323 Email Mark
Neumann, Paige Senior Executive Assistant 512.463.5768 Email Paige
Huggins, Robert Information Resources Manager 512.463.7199 Email Robert
Solis, Sherry Human Resources Specialist 512.463.5849 Email Sherry
Aldredge, Vaughn Government Relations Specialist 512.463.5754 Email Vaughn
Contact Name Title Phone Emailsort descending
Rhodes, Andy Managing Editor, The Medallion 512.936.2400 Email Andy
Curwick, Bailey Communications Specialist 512.936.0849 Email Bailey
Florance, Chris Division Director, Information Officer 512.463.4565 Email Chris
Ray, Isabel Digital Engagement Coordinator 512.463.7096 Email Isabel
Jensen, Judy Senior Graphic Designer 512.463.8885 Email Judy
Minsker, Justin Historic Sites Communications Projects Coordinator 512.475.2260 Email Justin
Perkins, Mae Office Manager 512.463.6255 Email Mae
Marchio, Michael Website Coordinator 512.463.8889 Email Michael
Hughey, Patrick Communications Specialist 512.463.5014 Email Patrick
Hodges, Rob Communications Projects Coordinator 512.463.8878 Email Rob
Staff, Communications 512.463.6255 Email Communications