2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Shop Texas History at Texas Historical Commission State Historic Sites

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by shopping for unique and meaningful gifts at Texas Historical Commission state historic sites? Texas is rich in history and culture and select state historic sites offer a treasure trove of products that help celebrate that heritage and make great gifts. This year's collection has been organized into special categories to help you find the ideal gift for everyone on your list.  

Taste of Texas 

Perfect for the culinary enthusiasts on your list, explore our "Taste of Texas" section. The Sam Rayburn Cookbook offers a delectable journey through Texas cuisine. This collection of recipes reflecting Texas' diverse culinary traditions is a must-have for anyone who loves to cook and eat. 

Texas Souvenirs 

Looking for unique souvenirs and keepsakes? Explore our "Texas Souvenirs" section. The Villa de Austin Models inspired by San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site allow you to create your own Texan miniature, while the Villa Wooden Ornament adds a touch of Texan spirit to your holiday decorations. 

Family-Friendly Texas Treasures 

Families will find plenty of options in our "Family-Friendly Texas Treasures" category. Engage your creative side with the Coloring Book, which takes you on a journey through Texas' vibrant past. Gather the family and friends for a delightful game of Texas Bingo or challenge your mind with the Texas Revolution Map Puzzle. Great for family bonding and educational fun. 

Texas-Inspired Art and Décor 

For those who appreciate Texas’ unique style, explore our "Texas-Inspired Art and Décor" section. A scarf designed by Texas-artist Mayfair Coover offers timeless elegance with a design inspired by Texas' heritage. Enhance your workspace with the San Jacinto Glass Paperweight, an exquisite piece that captures Texas’ independent spirit. 

Unique Texan Heritage 

The "Unique Texan Heritage" category is for those who appreciate special, one-of-a-kind items. The Goodnight Ranch Knife, inspired by the Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight Ranch, is a unique and practical gift that honors an important piece of Texas’ history.

When you shop at Texas Historical Commission state historic sites, you not only find unique and meaningful gifts, but you also support the preservation of Texas' rich history and heritage. Make your holiday season special and historically significant by choosing gifts that tell a story. 

Visit our state historic sites and discover these fantastic products and more, ensuring your 2023 holiday season is filled with the warmth and charm of Texas history. Shop with us and make this holiday season one to remember! 

Visit the Texas Historical Commission website to plan your holiday shopping today. Happy holidays and happy shopping! 

Disclaimer: Availability of products may vary by location. Please check with your nearest Texas Historical Commission state historic site for specific product availability. 

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