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The Texas Historical Commission is excited about the efforts of Comal County Historical Commission (CHC) to develop a Strategic Plan that taps in to the broader goals of Texas’ Statewide Preservation Plan. Comal CHC’s Strategic Plan is a great example of how local preservation organizations can draw inspiration and ideas from this larger agenda, and customize their own strategies in order to move their work forward in a directed and productive manner. Comal CHC kept their plan simple and straightforward, and we are impressed with their worksheet to keep track of progress made under each goal. Congratulations Comal CHC!

Project Name: Strategic Plan for Comal County Historical Commission
Organization: Comal County Historical Commission
Location: Comal County
Region: Hill Country Trail

Project Description:
As of 2010, the Comal County Historical Commission did not have a strategic plan and had not set goals for their appointees. Two of our appointees had attended the Texas Historical Commission’s (THC) preservation conference in Austin in the spring of 2011 where the Statewide Preservation Plan for Texas was unveiled. Our CHC decided to use the outline of the Statewide Plan to develop our own plan. We created a worksheet to review current activities and to develop the vision and goals for the group. We had a strategic planning committee to compile the results; however, all Comal CHC appointees participated in the survey process. We used THC resources to help develop our plan. The project was important because it allowed us to define who we are and determine our actions towards preserving our county history. Our CHC appointees felt it was important to know our vision and goals in order to impact the community’s perception and appreciation of preservation in the county. A significant portion of our plan addressed public involvement and education. Developing the plan gave our CHC a sense of worth, appointees became very excited about our future, and our County Judge and Commissioners developed a new level of respect for the group.


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