History At Home Activity: DIY Button Spinner Toy

Activity contributed by Kreische Brewery and Monument Hill State Historic Sites

Proven to stand the test of time, a button spinner toy is a very old concept but still brings so much joy to all family members. The real beauty in this DIY game is in its simplicity. It only requires two items that are commonly found in most households and is very easy to make.

For your convenience, please enjoy this step-by-step video to make your own button spinner toy. Then follow along with the step-by-step picture tutorial.

Continue below for the full step-by-step picture tutorial to make your own button spinner toy.

To make your own button spinner toy, you will need:

  1. Large button
  2. Embroidery thread or thick thread (ensure the thread will go through the button holes)
  3. Scissors

Step 1: Cut the thread to about 3 feet in length.

Step 2: Thread through both button holes.

Step 3: Double knot the thread to create one continuous loop.

Ensure the knots are secure.

Step 4: Trim the thread.

Step 5: Place the thread between your thumbs and index fingers, then swing the thread around to twist it.

Step 6: Once the thread is twisted, pull the thread on both ends with your thumbs and index fingers to create an in-and-out spinning motion.

Step 7: Enjoy this simple, yet fun game!

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