Huge History Pictured


The Medallion

By Andy Rhodes, Managing Editor, The Medallion

As with any print magazine, during the design process of The Medallion, dozens of compelling photos are left on the cutting room floor due to space limitations. There’s always a sense of regret that comes with making hard editorial decisions when interesting content is on the line: You hope you’re making the right decision, but you’re painfully aware that some of the good stuff left behind deserves attention.

That’s where “Web extra” content comes in handy. Beginning with this post, we plan to share slideshows on our blog and Flickr of select photos taken during the research trips for our heritage travel articles. This set was taken for our Summer 2013 cover feature, “Huge History: Ranches and Ranges Preserve Texas Mountain Trail’s Lofty Heritage,” which profiles historical attractions around Big Bend Ranch State Park and Marathon. All of the images were considered during layout, but didn’t make the final cut. We think they’re worth sharing.

Click the arrow to start the slideshow, or click an individual photo to open full-size in Flickr and view captions.

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