Roping with Upton County Buckaroos


History Programs

We celebrate Upton County Historical Commission (CHC) because they are proud of the history that is particular to their region and create ways for people of all ages to engage in fun, history-related experiences that preserves culture and traditions.

Project Name: Upton CHC Celebrates National Day of the Cowboy
Organization: Upton County Historical Commission
Location: Upton County
Region: Pecos Trail

Project Description:
There are still many ranches and cowboys in Upton County, in and around the oil rigs and pump jacks, so this holiday helps to celebrate the history of our region. Our celebration centers on the cultural traditions associated with the workings of early day cowboys. This community event educates both young and old on how life has changed and on the importance of retaining those skills. We create “hands-on” stations that demonstrate the following activities: branding, making tortillas and burritos, roping, rope twirling, rope jumping, and leather tooling. We also provide sling shot lessons, horse shoe pitching, and stick horse racing. Our event is geared toward young residents of Upton County. Our most important partners in this effort are the parents of the children. They take the young buckaroos to all of the activity stations and pay close attention so that they can repeat some of these activities at home. Attending this event helps the community learn how important it is to preserve our past and remember grandparents telling stories about growing up in our region.

Statewide Plan Connection:
Goal 5: Learn and Experience History through Place

For more information:
Contact Name: Peggy Kelton


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