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By Amy Hammons, County Historical Commission Outreach Program Coordinator

Bob Bullock Texas State History MuseumI love a good story. Well, who doesn’t, really? And while I love hearing a good story, I’m not that great at telling them. Some people have a gift for storytelling, and the rest of us have to practice.

At the Texas Historical Commission (THC), we save the real places that tell the real stories of Texas. My job as an outreach coordinator for County Historical Commissions helps people understand the importance of historic preservation. We work each year to improve the way we tell others about Texas history and why saving this history matters.

Similarly, you have a story to tell and an audience to influence. Whether sharing history or funding a preservation project, we must provide compelling stories that attract audiences and motivate them to action.

To this end, the Texas Historical Commission (THC) and the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum are joining forces to provide a workshop that explores storytelling. We will address the ways we communicate to educate, influence, and persuade.

Evan Thompson

On September 8, the Bullock Museum and the THC will host a full day of programming highlighting a variety of ways that Texans can tell their stories. Sessions will discuss the importance of choosing words, pictures, and programs that engage audiences. Speakers will provide recommendations to expand and enhance methods to communicate the stories of Texas we all tell.

We are so excited to have Liz Carmack and Evan Thompson join us as morning panelists for the workshop. Liz Carmack is a copywriter and editor for the Texas Association of Counties. Evan Thompson is the executive director of Preservation Texas. We look forward to learning from them, and with them, on September 8!

Registration is available online on the Bullock Museum’s upcoming events page.

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