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Remains of the Colwick House

By Becky Shelton, THC Regional Archeologist

On a clear, cool day in early December 2015, months of research and planning came together at the 19th century Cleng Peerson Farm-Colwick Farmstead in Bosque County. What had started as a seemingly simple inquiry to the THC's History Programs Division turned into an amazing journey of discovery that united two communities from across the...

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Archeology at Levi Jordan

By Amy Hammons, County Historical Commission Outreach Coordinator

County Historical Commissions (CHC) often require help when sorting out local issues involving archeology. Although CHC appointees have a wide variety of preservation knowledge, archeological issues can be sensitive and nuanced, particularly when artifact collection and site damage are involved.

Most CHC...

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Archeologist working with artifacts

By Jeff Durst, THC Archeology Reviewer

As one of the oldest regional archeological societies in the state—established in 1959—the Houston Archeological Society (HAS) has seen a constant ebb and flow in membership through the years. But the organization is currently experiencing a true renaissance.

With a strong core of members devoted to keeping the organization alive, its...

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Model of La Belle

By Pat Mercado-Allinger, THC Archeology Division Director and State Archeologist

This season, THC staff is expressing our gratitude to the Friends of the Texas Historical Commission, a nonprofit organization that assists our agency with our mission to identify, preserve, and protect Texas history. By raising private funds, the Friends of the THC has enabled many projects that could not...

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Cloth Singleton button made during the demonstrations at the Bullock Museum.

By Rebecca Shelton, THC Regional Archeologist, and Lisa Worley, THC Education Specialist

On January 4, we teamed with the Bullock Texas State History Museum for its Free First Sundays event. The focus of that day’s exhibit and activities were on the La Belle shipwreck and associated archeology. We were joined by Texas Archeological Stewardship Network members May and Jim Schmidt for...

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By Amy Borgens and Andy Rhodes, THC Staff

Each October, Texas Archeology Month (TAM) celebrates the spirit of discovery. Texas Historical Commission (THC) archeologists work with communities across the state to heighten awareness of cultural heritage and discuss compelling elements of the past.

In the process, archeologists have found that shipwrecks are among the most...

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By Jeff Durst, THC Regional Archeologist

A Historic Texas Lands Plaque was presented on Tuesday, September 16 for the Smoky Creek Site in Refugio County. The plaque was presented to Dallas Ford, son-in-law of Betty Jo Landgraf, the property owner of the site. I made the presentation along with five members of the THC’s Texas Archeological Stewardship Network (TASN) who helped map the...

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By Rebecca Shelton, THC North-Central Texas Regional Archeologist

The Texas Archeological Stewardship Network’s (TASN) annual workshop is an important event that brings together members from across the state, and helps them make connections, share ideas, and set goals. As part of the celebration of the...

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By THC Archeology Division Staff

From modest beginnings with 10 participants, the Texas Archeological Stewardship Network (TASN) now boasts more than 100 members dedicated to helping the state preserve invaluable resources.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the TASN, an innovative program comprised of highly trained and motivated avocational archeologists who work closely...

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By Tiffany Osburn, THC Regional Archeologist

In August 2013, Chris Lintz, Cultural Resource Specialist for Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Wildlife Division, found evidence of extensive vandalism at two archeological sites (one midden site and one rockshelter site) on the Kerr Wildlife Management Area. On December 3–4, 2013, members of the Hill Country Archeological Association (HCAA),...

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