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Dozens of arrows, 22 feet tall, pierce the landscape of the Panhandle Plains. They commemorate Quanah Parker, last chief of the Comanche (Nʉmʉnʉʉ), and the territory called Comanchería where his people lived. Parker was the son of a Quahada Comanche man and a white woman, a heritage that made a lasting impact on his life. 

His mother was Cynthia Ann Parker, who was famously...

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By Andy Rhodes, Managing Editor, The Medallion

To this day, the Republic of Texas captures the imagination of people across the globe. On March 2, 1836, the founders set in motion a series of events which created an identity that transcended politics and still lasts with us.

Some of the Republic’s most legendary locations—San Jacinto Battleground, Washington-on-the-...

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A Black woman swearing in as a poll tax collector

Heroes of History: Black Heritage in Texas

From wartime service to seeking civil rights, African Americans have been shaping Texas for hundreds of years. Heritage destinations across the state showcase stories of outstanding bravery, caring for one’s community, and more. In this online presentation, representatives from five organizations share the histories of their sites and how the public...

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2021 is the 185th Anniversary of the Texas Revolution. Step back in time and experience the period of the Texas Republic in person or virtually at one of these Texas Historical Commission State Historic Sites. 

San Felipe de Austin  

Commemorating the location where, in 1823, Stephen F. Austin established a headquarters for his colony in Mexican Texas, San Felipe de...

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kayaker on the Limestone Bluffs Paddling Trail

This year is presenting new opportunities for safe travel throughout the Lone Star State. Many of our state historic sites have expansive grounds that offer both heritage tourism and outdoor recreation opportunities.  


In La Grange and Washington, you can stretch your legs and experience multiple historic sites in a single location. 

Kreische Brewery ...

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As Texans continue to seek creative ways to explore our state safely, the Texas Historical Commission is offering ideas for some great destinations for a picnic while learning about our state’s history. Grab a picnic basket and go off the beaten path to explore these scenic spots across the state with unique stories.

Austin ­– Mount Bonnell

Rising 775 feet above sea...

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By Farah Merchant, THC Preservation Scholar

German immigrants initially sought sanctuary in Texas from political and religious persecution. Many settled in the Hill Country, where the climate paralleled their native country. German Texans influenced life in the Lone Star State—they brought classical and opera music, breweries, biergartens, and their language. The German legacy...

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When San Antonio visitors venture beyond the River Walk area, they find a remarkable range of heritage tourism sites in a fascinating city that’s downright ancient by Texas standards.

San Antonio’s origins are tied to the 1718 San Antonio de Bexar Presidio and the nearby village of San Fernando de Bexar, chartered in 1731 by a group of Canary Islanders. Spain established...

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Eisenhower Birthplace

Settled by Native Americans, conquered by Spaniards, then included as part of Mexico, this region is rich with history and culture. This part of North Texas was also home to several legendary Texans, including Dwight D. Eisenhower, Sam Rayburn, and Sam Bell Maxey—their stories are each told at a Texas Historical Commission state historic site in the area.



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Angelina National Forest

Known as the “Oldest Town in Texas,” Nacogdoches takes immense pride in its history. In fact, the entire downtown is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Nacogdoches honors its heritage through a statue of the city’s founder, Gil Y’Barbo, and numerous historical museums, each conserving a different part of the town’s 241-year legacy. In reality, its settlement is much older—...

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