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By Amy Hammons, County Historical Commission Outreach Program Coordinator

We’d like to introduce you to Maddie Clites! Maddie is the newest member of the History Programs Division at the THC. She’ll be working with the County Historical Commission Outreach Program (CHC Outreach) to promote the accomplishments of CHCs across the state.

As CHC Outreach Coordinator, I’ll continue to field organizational questions for CHCs, while Maddie focuses on highlighting CHC activities that demonstrate the far-reaching impact of historic preservation.

Maddie has a master’s degree in historic preservation and most recently worked in Washington D.C. for the Architect of the Capitol. This experience makes her uniquely qualified to help CHCs substantiate the value of their work. In that role, Maddie had to explain (in writing and in person) the significance of historic materials and spaces, along with assembling information and arguments for historic rehabilitation projects. She will help CHCs do the same.

Additionally, Maddie has a great deal of experience with social media platforms. She’s going to share her knowledge with CHCs to help leverage promotional campaigns for preservation efforts. We’re so excited to have her on board!

Maddie has already started working with some of our 2013 Distinguished Service Award winners. The weighty achievements of these high-performing CHCs will be used as case studies, which will illustrate how to expand other local preservation programs. These case studies will be added to the CHC Outreach section of the THC website beginning next week.

Maddie is a great fit as program specialist for the CHC Outreach Program. You can meet her in person by attending our workshop at the Bullock Museum on September 8. She’ll be there to greet attendees at the registration table in the morning and discuss CHC projects with you in the afternoon discussion groups. 

Welcome to Texas, Maddie!

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Hats off to you Maddie! Sammy and I are so proud of you. Best wishes.

You have a winner there.
Selecting her reflects a well run, thoughtful organization with appreciation for excellence.
Good luck Maddie. We miss you!

Maddie sounds like a great fit for CHC! Her skill sets will bring the CHC Outreach program to the forefront. Great choice!!

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