Tax Credit Program Highlight: Liberty Village and Liberty Square Apartments

Groesbeck, Limestone County

1964, 1973


Individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places

Historic Use

Low-income housing

Current Use

Low-income housing

Date Certified

September 14, 2018


Also certified for Federal Historic Tax Credits.

Project Contact

Groesbeck Housing LP; Heritage Consulting Group


Liberty Village and Liberty Square Apartments were constructed by the Groesbeck Housing Authority as the city’s first public housing, during a period of time in which public housing was expanding from larger cities into more rural areas. The construction of the developments was spurred by increased poverty rates and a survey showing that 30 percent of the city’s housing stock was substandard. The developments were paid for with a loan from the Federal Housing Authority and constructed following stock plans developed by the FHA. Both developments were built in two phases, given the success of the first phase and additional needs of the community.

Rehabilitation Project

Routine maintenance has been carried out overtime on the developments, which both consist of single-story buildings in du-, tri-, and quadplexes. The historic tax credits have allowed the housing authority to partner with a private developer to undertake significant work to improve the buildings and residents’ quality of life. Deteriorated materials, including roofing, were replaced to improve the exterior appearance and water-tightness of the buildings. All units got new enlarged kitchens, along with new MEP and HVAC systems, new bathroom fixtures, new flooring, and other interior finishes. A number of units were also fully upgraded to meet the ADA.

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  • Both complexes are made up a variety of differently sized buildings, including duplexes up to four-plexes, creating an open-park-like setting..