Tax Credit Program Highlight: Old Alamo National Bank

San Antonio, Bexar County


Old Alamo National Bank


Listed in National Register as part of Alamo Plaza Historic District

Historic Use


Current Use

Offices and restaurant

Total Rehabilitation Cost


Qualified Rehabilitation Expenses


Date Certified

June 15, 2016


Certified for state and federal tax credits.


Constructed in 1902, the eight story Old Alamo National Bank Building exemplifies the Renaissance Revival style and marks a classic phase in the career of San Antonio architect James Wahrenberger. In 1912, the stone building was raised onto rollers and shifted back by 16 feet due to the widening of East Commerce Street, which was an effort by the city of San Antonio to increase its development potential. This move is noted as one of “the most remarkable relocations to take place in San Antonio.” The uppermost three stories of the building were added in 1916 after the move.

Rehabilitation Project

A decade past its hundredth birthday, the building received a full exterior restoration, which included cleaning and repair of its grand limestone and concrete masonry exterior, and repair and repainting of its wrought-iron window grilles. The massive original copper cornice, which had been moved and reinstalled three stories upward at the time of the building’s 1916 expansion, was carefully repaired and stabilized as part of this work. New copper elements were custom-made to replace missing pieces of the intricate cornice. In addition to qualifying for state and federal tax credits, the project received a 2016 Building Award by the San Antonio Conservation Society.

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  • The massive copper cornice of the building was moved twice: once in the early twentieth century when it was relocated to the new top level of the building, and once during this project when it was removed for repairs.