Tax Credit Program Highlight: South Hall (Trinity University)

San Antonio, Bexar County



Listed in the National Register as part of the Trinity University Historic District

Historic Use


Current Use


Total Rehabilitation Cost

Qualified Rehabilitation Expenses

Date Certified

November 12, 2019

Certified for state tax credits only.


In 1948, Trinity University hired architect O’Neil Ford to lead a design team for a new college campus, which would become the largest collection of O’Neil Ford buildings in the world and represented his work at the peak of his career. As a result, Trinity displays innovative architecture that flows with the geography of its site and distinctly reflects the needs of the school. At the time of the campus’ completion, the university touted its new buildings as the first modern campus in Texas. The South Hall dormitory was designed in 1958 as a modernist women’s residence hall, and opened in 1960. The North and South Halls are placed in line with the McFarlin dorm complex, creating an extension following the curving topography of the site. In 1979, the building received renovations, including conversion of the cafeteria that occupied the first floor of the building into additional dormitory space.

Rehabilitation Project

Part of a series of dormitory refresh projects that Trinity has completed through the state tax credit program over the last few years, this rehabilitation of South Hall was more involved than others certified. In addition to replacement of interior flooring, dorm room doors, bathroom fixtures, and balcony divider panels—work that also occurred at the McFarlin complex in the last few years—South Hall required more intensive work. Corridor walls were improved to meet fire code, dorm suites were reconfigured throughout, the HVAC system was completely replaced, and many non-original windows were replaced so they blend better with the historic design. Exterior balcony railings were unobtrusively made taller to meet safety code, and the building’s exterior was cleaned, and metal elements were repainted to match the official campus colors.

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