Tax Credit Program Highlight: St. Anthony Hotel

San Antonio, Bexar County



Individually listed in National Register of Historic Places

Historic Use


Current Use


Total Rehabilitation Cost


Qualified Rehabilitation Expenses


Date Certified

January 27, 2016


Also certified for Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credits


Designed by architect J. Flood Walker, the St. Anthony opened in 1909 as the first luxury hotel in San Antonio (or as one writer described, "the Waldorf on the Prairie”). It was considered to be very modern for the time. The hotel was purchased by Ralph W. Morrison in 1935 for $475,000, who took on major improvements to the building, including installation of air-conditioning. The million-dollar projects carried out by Morrison were a significant economic boost for Depression stricken San Antonio. The St. Anthony has attracted several notable visitors over its history including Douglas MacArthur, Will Rogers, Eleanor Roosevelt, and President Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Rehabilitation Project

This project was a full rehabilitation of the St. Anthony, which has been an active upscale hotel since the early 1980s. The project involved extensive work to the building exterior, including: cleaning and repair of exterior masonry and stucco; repair of historic and non-historic windows; restoration of loggia and the main entry on the building’s façade; removal of non-historic elements added throughout the buildings’ history; improvements to a 1930s era roof terrace, design of new valet area; and various other elements. Interior work for this project included: repair and restoration of decorative finishes in the lobby and other public spaces; removal of non-historic alterations; reconstruction of the reception desk to match the original design; upgrading of hotel room bathrooms; and construction of new event spaces and guest amenities.

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  • The gleaming new copper canopy over the main entrance welcomes guests to the rehabilitated St. Anthony.