Tax Credit Program Highlight: Stagecoach Inn

Salado, Bell County

ca. 1860, 1943, 1960


Listed in the National Register of Historic Places as part of the Historic Resources of Salado

Historic Use

Stagecoach stop, restaurant

Current Use


Date Certified

May 26, 2020


Certified for state historic tax credits only.

Project Contact

Stagecoach Inn, Stagecoach 1943, LP; Clayton and Little; Syndicated Contracting Services, LLC


As evidenced by its name, the Stagecoach Inn initially served Salado as an overnight stop along the Chisolm Trail. The original building is a two-story I-house with a full-width front porch across both floors. The interior features rough-hewn ceiling beams and simple finishes. The building continued to serve as a small hotel as Salado developed into a health resort and the road through town became part of the Meridian Highway. In 1943, new owners undertook a renovation of the building, opening the new Stagecoach Inn restaurant, which became a nationally known tourist destination. Reflecting this success, the inn was expanded during the mid-twentieth century with large dining rooms and a new kitchen. In the early 1960s, a motor lodge hotel was built behind the restaurant to provide additional services for travelers along the new interstate highway.

Rehabilitation Project

The long-running restaurant closed after several changes in owners and was purchased in 2015 by a long-time regular. The restaurant building was sensitively rehabilitated with an eye towards returning portions of the property to its mid-century appearance while creating a contemporary atmosphere. Historic fabric on the original building was fully repaired and inappropriate later alterations were removed. In the later dining rooms, features characteristic of those eras were also retained. A new bar was added the lobby, which is compatible with the historic character but distinct. The tax credit application only includes work completed on the restaurant. Later work undertaken at the hotel was not submitted for credits.

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  • Most of the exterior work was undertaken on the original stagecoach structure. This included restoration and reconstruction of the porches.