Courthouses in Danger

Water infiltration, falling masonry, structural issues, overloaded electrical panels, outdated mechanical and plumbing systems, mold and poor air quality, deteriorating doors and windows, handicapped accessibility issues, fire hazards, and vacancy—these are urgent problems faced by many of the unrestored courthouses in Texas.

The interactive map below provides detailed information about the needs of courthouses that have worked with the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program. Click on the pins to learn about specific funding needs and to see photos of the challenges each building faces.

Threats Facing Courthouses Today

The following series of articles published in the Texas Association of Counties' County magazine focuses on the challenges faced by counties with historic courthouses and how the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program is helping to preserve these historic treasures:

  • Courthouses in Limbo – Historic courthouses across the state are in jeopardy without future restoration funding.
  • Courthouse in Danger – San Saba County Courthouse is one of many needing emergency repairs.
  • Wet Threats – Nearly 50 historic courthouses suffer from water-related problems, putting their structures and contents at risk.
  • I Feel a Draft – Windows are one of the top challenges for historic courthouses.
  • Unstable Foundations – Structural problems cause safety concerns at historic courthouses.
  • Can't Stand the Heat – Fire presents serious threats to historic courthouses.