Distinguished Service Awards--2018

Congratulations to all of our award-winning County Historical Commissions!

Distinguished Service Awards (DSA) are presented by the Texas Historical Commission (THC) based on annual reporting information submitted by County Historical Commissions (CHC). The DSA award criteria, published on the THC website here, are applied to the reporting information. When a CHC documents work that satisfies the criteria, the CHC is given a DSA.

DSA-winning CHCs demonstrate proactive, cooperative, and service-oriented activity. Appointees leave positive impressions with citizens and visitors, while promoting history and preservation!

Lubbock CHC appointees are known for their responsible stewardship of the county's historic and cultural resources. Appointees survey, designate, and promote historic places. Photo courtesy of Lubbock CHC. 

Below is a table of DSA-winning CHCs for the 2018 year of service. 

Photos below were taken by THC staff or contributed by CHCs. We try to feature a different group of DSA-winning CHCs each year and note accomplishments that illustrate a variety of preservation efforts across the state. There's no one reason why a CHC earns a DSA. However, all award-winners document a wide range of preservation programs and report an impressive number of volunteer hours. Those volunteer hours are evaluated per appointee rather than per CHC to ensure that smaller CHCs can compete for the award. 

Photo Gallery

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  • Lavaca CHC works with THC staff in a variety of ways, including hosting marker workshops.