Hispanic Heritage Travel Guide Now in Development

In spring of 2013, the Texas Historical Commission officially initiated production of a travel guide that highlights and celebrates Hispanic heritage in Texas. The THC will publish the travel guide in print and digital formats, with Spanish and English language versions of both available. The travel guide will feature rich, written and photographic content throughout its estimated 70 pages, presenting the places, practices, and people that contribute to the health and vibrancy of Hispanic cultures in Texas. TxDOT’s transportation enhancement fund provides generous support for the development of the Hispanic Heritage Travel Guide (working title). Past travel guides— including African Americans in Texas: A Lasting Legacyalso benefited from TxDOT support, and serve as development templates for the Hispanic Heritage Travel Guide. The THC plans to release the Hispanic Heritage Travel Guide in spring 2015.  

Because Hispanic cultures so deeply inform Texan life ways, identifying Hispanic heritage sites, cultural practices, and other relevant thematic content to include in the travel guide demands a concerted community effort. On May 3rd, 2013, a panel of Hispanic scholars, notable cultural figures, and community leaders convened to collaboratively identify the most prominent sites, practices, and histories that anchor Hispanic heritage in Texas. Following the generative success of the committee’s first meeting, contributors reconvened on July 11th, 2013 to further discuss content selected for inclusion in the travel guide. The committee identified over 150 Hispanic heritage sites statewide, the most visitor ready of which will be featured in both print and digital versions of the guide. Sites and stories not included in the print and digital guides will find representation on TexasTimeTravel.com and in an associated mobile application. In addition to serving tourists and travelers who intend to explore the many Hispanic heritage sites located throughout Texas, the travel guide will contribute significant value to Hispanic heritage communities across the state.