Homeschool Tours at San Felipe de Austin

Here at San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site, we offer tours specifically designed with multi-aged learning in mind. For homeschooling families, organizations, and co-ops under 50 school-aged learners, we recommend our “Learning Together” self-guided tour.


Learning Together: A Self-Guided Tour for At-Home Learners

This tour allows families to work together to help solve a variety of questions and clues for two separate activities during their tour.

In our traditional museum gallery, students will be given a list of questions to send them on a scavenger hunt. The answers to these questions can be found around the gallery. Learners can work together to help find the locations of answers and have a representation of what they learned to take home with them at the end of the day.

In our outdoor exhibit, the Villa de Austin, learners are transformed into detectives: solving clues to discover all the businesses and people that occupied our town 200 years ago. This activity is structured to take learners to many of the outdoor buildings, find visual clues, and use critical thinking skills to solve riddles.

For both of these activities, staff and volunteers will be stationed around the indoor and outdoor portions of the museum to answer questions, provide hints, and help navigate students’ learning.

This tour is best suited for groups of less than 50 school-aged learners. For larger groups, please contact us to find the best tour suited for your needs.


Booking a Tour

To learn more about our programming or to book a tour, please contact Nicole Shadle at or call 979-885-2181.


In addition to our formal tours, please stay tuned for announcements on homeschool-focused activity dates coming soon!