Washington-on-the-Brazos State Historic Site Events

June 2022

June 18

Slavery was the abhorrent reality in the Town of Washington and Republic of Texas until June 19th, 1865.  Join us in Washington as we discuss the real histories of enslaved persons in Texas and the commemoration of emancipation marked by the Juneteenth holiday.  Be sure to join us the following weekend, June 25th, as we celebrate the ending of the brutal institution of slavery in Texas at our...

July 2022

July 16

The Texas Mystique is embodied by the existence of the immortal Texas Rangers.  From the earliest days of Texas, even before independence was declared, the Rangers have stood as the indominable defenders of Texas and the quintessential law enforcement of the Republic and State.  Join us as we commemorate the service this most ancient Texas institution has rendered throughout our history.  See...

August 2022

August 20

Texans today stand on the shoulders of great figures that lent their sweat, blood, tears, and lives to make Texas what it is today.  Join us at Washington as we celebrate these incredible figures from out history, and maybe even get a chance to meet one or two of them while you’re here!  From Stephen F. Austin to Sam Houston, come learn about the giants who made Texas, Texas.  Contact Kevin...