Fanthorp Inn State Historic Site Events

February 2023

February 11

You are invited to the wedding anniversary of Rachel Virginia Kennard and Henry Fanthorp! Join us in commemorating the 189th anniversary of the couple that started it all. Hear the story of their early life, courtship, and marriage, and discover the traditions associated with an 1830s wedding. 

Saturday only, from 11-3, Take a ride through history and experience what travel in early...

March 2023

March 25

Henderson Yoakum is one of the notable Texans who stayed at the Fanthorp Inn. Discover the story of this prominent Tennessee politician turned Texan historian and lifelong friend of Sam Houston. 

Saturday ONLY from 11-3 hop aboard our reproduction stagecoach for a ride down Main St in Anderson, TX.

The Texas Historical Commission presents Fanthorp Inn to you without admission...

April 2023

April 8

Hop aboard our replica stagecoach for a tour of what contemporaries called the "Rome of Texas". Along your journey a historical interpreter will travel with you and inform you about the way the town has changed over the generations.

Texas Historical Commission presents Fanthorp Inn to you without admission fees but with a suggested donation of $4 ($10 w/ coach ride) for adults and $2...