Parlor Talks at Fulton Mansion

Parlor Talks at the Fulton Mansion is a podcast created by the Fulton Mansion State Historic Site.

Joseph Fox, site educator, explores different and unique stories surrounding the Fulton Mansion and the lives of George and Harriet Fulton here on the Texas Coast. Episodes are recorded in the Parlor Room of the Mansion which was the room where the Fultons entertained and told stories to friends and family members.



Episode 4 - What is an Aransas? The origin of our county's name

On visiting Aransas County you may have asked yourself, what is an Aransas? On today's episode, On today's episode of Parlor Talks, the Fulton Mansion newest educator, Ashley Thornton, joins in to discuss where the term originated from and how it came here to the Texas coast. The story takes us from the earliest Spanish explorers of Texas to the Fulton's time building an early town on the Live Oak Peninsula, Aransas City.

Episode 3 - Harriet Smith's Early Years on the American Frontier

In this episode, we shift our focus to Harriet's childhood and teenage years growing up in Missouri and Texas and living through the Texas Revolution. How did the Smiths end up in Brazoria? What did Harriet and her family experience during the Texas Revolution? How did George and Harriet meet? Tune in to learn more!

Episode 2 - George's Journey Through the Early Republic of Texas

This episode recounts George's journey through the early Republic of Texas. After his army service in 1837, George became a surveyor for the General Land Office. In his diary, he recounts his travels between San Antonio and Houston amongst legendary Texas figures like Crockett, Smith, and Seguin. 

Episode 1 - George Fulton in the Texas Army 1836-37

In this first episode of Parlor Talks at the Fulton Mansion, we’ll be discussing George Fulton’s early experiences as a young man exploring the Republic of Texas from 1836 to 1837. George travelled to Texas and enlisted as a soldier in the Texas Army during a time conflict and upheaval but, also opportunity. In this episode, we’ll focus on George’s early life, Texas after the Battle of San Jacinto, and George’s military service to the Republic of Texas.