How to Nominate a Business

Application Materials: (accepted at any time)

  • Nomination Form
  • Narrative History (1-2 pages) that describes the business and traces the founding and ownership history of the business. 
  • Supporting Documentation that verifies the business' founding date. This resource page will help you locate records that can verify the business' founding date. 

Who can nominate a business for this award?

Anyone! A business can even nominate itself, although we encourage business owners to reach out to their local Main Street Manager, County Historical Commission, Chamber of Commerce, or other local business representative to notify them of the pending nomination. In most cases, County Historical Commissions are a helpful resource when it comes to identifying and/or locating supporting documentation to verfiy the business' age. In all cases, the nominator must have explicit authorization from the business owner to submit on their behalf. 

To be considered for this award, businesses must meet the following criteria:

  • Have been in continuous for-profit operation in Texas for at least 50 years. 
  • Continue to operate the same or a very similar type of business as it did at least 50 years ago.
  • Have a continuous record of employment for at least the past 50 years.
  • Continue to operate as an independent, for-profit business (i.e., it cannot be operating as a subsidiary of or have been absorbed into another business)
  • Maintain a good business relationship with the state. 

For more information about eligibility and other nomination, please refer to our FAQs.