Improve CHC Annual Reports

A CHC report, when completed in its entirety, documents a broad range of services and conveys the degree to which a CHC engages the community in its events. Providing clear answers to all reporting questions provides the THC with a better understanding of how best to provide services to CHCs. 

Learn more about quality reporting and performance below. If you’d like more information, CHC Outreach Program staff are happy to discuss your CHC’s report and how to document CHC accomplishments.

Reports from Distinguished Service Award Winners

This section features select CHC reports with THC staff commentary. Bullet points highlight work that contributes to organizational sustainability and preservation success.

CHCs were selected because they provided reports that document widespread appointee participation and a directed program of work that educates the public on the importance of local history and preservation. CHCs featured vary in size, allocation, and projects completed.

2018 Gonzales CHC Annual Report (PDF)

  • Planning: Gonzales CHC updates its work plan annually with input from CHC appointees, officers, city and county officials and partner organizations. Additionally, Gonzales CHC hosted a Certified Local Government Regional Workshop: Outreach Methods to Build an Effective, More Diverse Organization. Hosting a workshop focused on planning shows the CHC’s commitment to integrate improvements into practice. (Questions 15-16, 36-37)​

  • Appointee Participation: 100% of full commission meetings made quorum and the majority of CHC appointees have taken Open Meetings Act training. CHC appointees actively sought permits for work to alter the Gonzales County Courthouse and Gonzales County Jailhouse Museum. Additionally, Gonzales CHC is represented on the City of Gonzales Historic Zoning and Planning Committee. (Questions 5, 8-9, 20-21) Note: We recommend all appointees complete Open Meetings Training. 

  • Community Interaction and Partnerships: Gonzales CHC has partnered with heritage associations, community organizations, local governing bodies, and educational institutions to diversify its work and engage new communities in its projects. The impact of these partnerships are reflected in the project descriptions provided. (Questions 24-26, 39-41)

2018 Palo Pinto CHC Annual Report (PDF)

  • Relationships with Elected Officials: Palo Pinto CHC met regularly with the County Judge, Commissioners, County Treasurer, County Auditor and County Attorney to update CHC bylaws. Additionally, corrective measures were taken to close private bank accounts and transfer CHC money to the county treasury. As a result, CHC was able to receive an annual allocation from the county. (Questions 12, 31, 39)

  • Breadth of Work: Palo Pinto CHC’s preservation work is extensive and diverse. The CHC maintains inventories of markers, designated historic properties and cemeteries. Palo Pinto CHC periodically assesses the condition of known resources and is documenting previously unrecorded cultural and historic resources. (Questions 18 - 19, 40)

  • Partnerships and Supporting Partners: Palo Pinto CHC has developed partnerships with fourteen different museums and organizations. These relationships have helped the CHC expand its audience while accomplishing preservation goals. Likewise, Palo Pinto CHC supports partners by helping with program development and event logistics. (Questions 25-26, 39, 42)

2018 Comal CHC Annual Report (PDF)

  • Photo: Comal CHC appointees display their 2018 Distinguished Service Award alongside history exhibits in the county courthouse.

    Goal-oriented: Comal CHC focused on projects to confirm the locations of cemeteries in the county and record the history of Hispanic families in New Braunfels. Both projects required CHC appointee participation and planning to meet goals established for 2018. More goals have been set to continue these projects into 2019. (Questions 39-41)

  • Preservation Tools: Comal CHC conducted a county-wide historic resources survey in 2014. In 2018, Comal CHC initiated determinations of eligibility for the National Register of Historic Places for five properties. If eligible, the CHC pursues National Register nominations for properties. (Questions 17, 23, and 41)

  • Educating the Public and Elected Officials: Comal CHC appointees made presentations to the public, Comal County, and the City of New Braunfels on preservation and history topics. CHC appointees also hosted historic property owners for ‘kickoff’ meetings in order to inform them of the National Register
    process. (Questions 24 - 25, 36)

2018 Menard CHC Annual Report (PDF)

  • Stewardship: Menard CHC was active in pursuing funding for restoration of the county courthouse and participated in a regional courthouse stewardship workshop. Menard CHC boasts a wide range of work that includes maintaining inventories of cemeteries and markers while periodically assessing their condition. The CHC also maintains inventories of designated historic properties. (Questions 18 - 19)

  • Relationship with Elected Officials: Menard CHC worked with County Commissioners Court to refurbish and expand the Menard County War Memorial on the courthouse square. Menard CHC helped secure commitments from individuals, organizations, and local businesses for donations to finance the project. (Questions 23, 30 – 31, 39)

  •  Appointee Participation: Menard CHC appointees served on the Menard Mayor’s Select Sister City Committee and helped establish an official Sister City relationship with Cortegana, Spain. The CHC suggested pursuing the relationship given the unique shared history of the two cities. (Question 40)

2018 Jasper CHC Annual Report (PDF)

  • Regional Networking: Jasper CHC partnered with the Angelina Genealogical Society to host a genealogy conference that encouraged networking on a regional level. The conference was hosted at the Jasper County Courthouse and featured speakers from Stephen F. Austin University, Angelina College, and neighboring CHCs. (Questions 36, 39)

  • In-Kind Donations: Jasper CHC worked with county officials to receive in-kind donations for CHC operations. Most notably, Jasper CHC received shelving units from Jasper County to aid in the reorganization of its records and archives. (Questions 14, 39)

  • Educating the Public:  Jasper CHC educates the public through a variety of programs including tours of the county courthouse, old jail, and archives during festivals. Jasper CHC provides inventories of county cemeteries and historic markers for public use. (Questions 18, 25, 39)

2018 Carson CHC Annual Report (PDF)

  • Supporting Partners: Carson CHC appointees helped partner organizations manage the 2018 Route 66 Festival held in Shamrock, Texas. The CHC provided logistical and financial support for the festival. (Question 41)

  • Preservation Tools: Carson CHC appointees worked with their local museum to restore the historic Eclipse Windmill. The CHC researched and found an appropriate contractor and solicited donations to pay for the restoration work. CHC appointees also secured a grant funding for restoration work. (Question 39) 

  • Community Relationships: Carson CHC partnered with its local elementary school and local museum to host a ‘Living Museum’. With CHC appointee assistance, students portrayed notable residents of Carson County using props, costumes, and stories. CHC appointees also played a key role in event logistics. More than 400 guests attended, sizeable participation that demonstrates the importance of building cooperative relationships with community institutions. (Questions 26, 40)

2018 Jim Hogg CHC Annual Report (PDF)

  • Public Outreach: Jim Hogg CHC hosts public programs throughout the year that focus on educating and interacting with the public. The CHC hosted authors for book readings and an ethnobotanist to discuss local flora. The CHC worked with partners to host a Christmas Posada and the annual Vaquero Festival. (Questions 24 - 25, 40 - 41)

  • Partners and Promotions: Jim Hogg CHC regularly partners with community organizations to manage and publicize public events. Together, partners promote Jim Hogg County in print and television spots. (Questions 23 -26, 41. 43) 

  • Relationship with Elected Officials: Appointees continue to work with elected officials in Jim Hogg County on the restoration of the Old County Jailhouse Museum. The CHC currently uses the building as a museum and programming space. CHC appointees regularly meet with county officials and include them in CHC planning efforts. Cooperation with elected officials is key to receiving in-kind donations and an allocation from the county. (Questions 14-16, 30, 39)


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