Information for 2019 DSA-winning CHCs

Congratulations to our Distinguished Service Award winners for the 2019 year of service!

Milam CHC documents sophisticated preservation programs year after year.We are pleased to announce the County Historical Commissions (CHC) that have won a 2019 Distinguished Service Award (DSA).

The Texas Historical Commission gives this award to CHCs that document well-rounded programs that preserve and promote Texas history. DSAs were announced over the CHC Listserv on June 10, 2019. 

Our sincere thanks to all CHC appointees--your service enriches the livelihood of communities across Texas!

DSAs for 2019 year of service are listed here. 


Look for DSA Mailer

DSA certificate packets were mailed to county judges of award-winning CHCs on June 25, 2020.

Packets contain the DSA certificate, press release promoting the award, and list of suggested ways for the county to honor this accomplishment. Most DSA packets should be delivered by USPS to judges within a week. In some cases, delivery may take more than a week. 

The mailer is a white, 13" x 10" cardboard envelope that looks like the image at right. For your reference, a sample DSA packet is provided here


Public Award Presentation

Traditionally, county judges present DSA certificates to CHC appointees during a formal meeting of the commissioners court. Officials work with appointees to provide sufficient notice of the meeting date/time so that appointees can attend. Formal DSA presentations affirm the value of CHC service and dedication.

The DSA does not carry a monetary award, which makes public validation of this honor even more important. THC staff contribute to this effort by using project descriptions from DSA winners to promote the best of what CHCs can accomplish. 

If in-person presentations are not feasible, please consider additional promotional opportunities in the section below. These are great ways for county officials and appointees to celebrate the DSA achievement. 


Promote CHC Accomplishments

Please read this DSA Promotional Flyer that explains how county officials and staff can promote their CHC's award and preservation accomplishments. Other than the public award presentation noted above, the flyer recommends distributing a press release, promoting through social media outlets, and personal expressions of gratitude. 

County judge DSA certificate packets include a press release that can be used to promote the award and the ways in which CHCs have served successfully. County staff and appointees should work together to ensure that the press release is distributed appropriately. Here is an electronic copy of the DSA Press Release.

Again, congratulations to these CHC appointees -- thank you for your exceptional service to the State of Texas!



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