Camp Hearne - Remembering D-Day

Jun 6 2015 - 9:00am to 5:00pm

Hearne (Robertson County)

P.O. Box 346
Hearne, TX 77859

Thanks to the efforts of several Eagle Scout candidates, Camp Hearne is being transformed into the “1943-reality” we had hoped it would become.

Camp Hearne is dedicating our Pergola this June 6 during our Remembering D-Day event. Pergolas were originally built by the German POWs to provide shade in an otherwise sunbaked Texas farmland. It was very common for small musical ensembles to gather in the shade to entertain the troops. Thanks to their service project, our “Eagle Scouts” have returned the shade to Camp Hearne.

On Saturday, June 6, Camp Hearne will welcome the Swingtime Big Band to perform music from the 1940s (our own USO show) as “ground troops”—American, British, and German--bivouac on the Camp Hearne grounds. Without Camp Hearne’s Scout-built pergola, our D-Day event would not have the “swing.”

A special showing of Snapshots of D-Day, a digital exhibit from the National WWII Museum will be featured in our Camp Theater. Of course, you can visit our WWII POW Camp Exhibit and walk the trails to remains of prisoner-built amenities. The Scouts projects will also be on display.

Our goal is to help keep America’s WWII legacy and fighting spirit alive in our own backyard, and these youngsters have played a vital role it keeping that spirit alive.

Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 6, 9am to 5pm. Admission is FREE! Visit for directions and more information, or contact Cathy Lazarus or Melissa Freeman at 979-314-7012.

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Remembering D-Day at Camp Hearne

There were many Allied led operations during World War II that contributed to winning that War.  Perhaps none are more significant than Operation Overlord.  Landing day was June 6, 1944 or D-Day.  The Allied Forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, France and secured territory to bring millions of service men and 7 million tons of supplies to Hilter’s back door.

General Eisenhower never had a second plan nor did he expect anything less than victory.  Field Marshall Rommel was defending France’s coastline and knew “for the Allies and Germany it will be the longest day.”  D-Day loss of human lives on both sides was very high. We honor those service men and women and the civilian lives lost during this critical operation by remembering this day with a special WWII Living History event.

Camp Hearne is bringing WWII history alive this Saturday, June 6, with “ground troops” bivouacked on the original site of Hearne’s POW Camp.  Re-enactors from both the Allied and Axis Armies will display their authentic uniforms, gear, and weapons from different military specialties such as the paratroopers, medical, infantry, artillery, and signal corps. You will be able to visit our WWII POW Camp Exhibit, walk the trails to prisoner-built remains, interact with WWII living historians as they “show and tell” their collections, watch weapons demonstrations and view WWII era military vintage vehicles.  

A special appearance by General Patton and the Third Army re-enactors is sure to be an interesting encounter.  Since Rommel thought Patton would be leading the attack in France, General Patton’s decoy or ghost army across from Calais played an important role in distracting the Germans from the real target at Normandy.  

Back on the home front, a special period dress contest challenges visitors to don their grandparents or parents’ vintage garb and become part of our most recent past.  During the lunch hour, you can even swing to the big band sounds of Dorsey, Goodman, Harry James and others as the 15-member Swingtime Big Band entertains the troops.  Our first Camp Hearne Canteen Show is sure to be a hit.  Bring your lawn chairs if you like to ensure a seat.  

Admission is FREE!  Gates open 9am to 5pm.  Camp Hearne is located northwest of Hearne on FM 485.   Visit for more information or contact Cathy Lazarus or Melissa Freeman at 979-314-7012.