Family Trout-Fishing Day

Jan 20 2018 - 10:00am to 2:00pm

Program will take place at the stock tank near the main entrance. Please check-in at the visitor center before participating.

1701 N US Hwy 283
Albany, TX 76430

As part of an annual rainbow trout stocking program conducted by Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD), we will be stocking our fishing pond three times with rainbow trout this winter. In an effort to help the public take advantage of this great fishing opportunity, we will be hosting our second trout-fishing day of the winter on Saturday, January 20th.

According to Michael Homer Jr., TPWD Fisheries Biologist, “rainbow trout are relatives of salmon and do not naturally occur in Texas. Rainbow trout require cold temperatures to survive. In most areas of Texas where rainbow trout are stocked, high temperatures prevent them from reproducing as well as surviving the warm seasons, though some have survived in the tailrace of Canyon Reservoir. The only self-sustaining population of rainbow trout in Texas is found in McKittrick Canyon in the Guadalupe Mountains.”

A Fort Griffin staff member will be available on January 20th from 10 am to 2 pm to provide instruction and assistance for families who attend the trout-fishing day. In addition to the unique opportunity to fish for rainbow trout, there will also be golf carts available for those visitors who want to take a self-guided tour of our historic military fort, and there is camping available across the highway from the fort and fishing pond. And, don't miss out on participating in the annual Winter Star Party, which will take place later that evening at the visitor center parking lot.

For those interested in fishing for native species, the campground is bordered by the Clear Fork of the Brazos River, which offers year round fishing for our visitors. There are also native fish in our pond, so you may unintentionally or intentionally catch natives there as well. 

The recommended fishing bait for trout is canned corn placed on a very small hook. We found that the best location for catching the trout has been in the deeper portions of the pond, which is mostly near the dam. Bring some sinkers, small hooks, rod and reel, and a can of corn and you will be all set for fishing for rainbow trout at Fort Griffin this winter.

The cost of general admission will grant you and your family complete access to the fort, hiking trails, and the trout-fishing day activities. Since Fort Griffin is a state historic site under
the Texas Historical Commission (THC), the annual TPWD state park pass is not valid for admission to Fort Griffin. For more information about Fort Griffin State Historic Site, to make camping reservations, or to learn more about upcoming events, please visit or call 325-762-3592.

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