Galveston Area Preservation Symposium

Dec 12 2017 - 1:00pm to 5:00pm

Ashton Villa

2328 Broadway, Avenue J
Galveston, TX 77550

Please join us on December 12 to meet with preservationists in your region and staff from the Texas Historical Commission (THC). This symposium is offered to connect individuals to THC staff and to programs that can enhance local history- and preservation-related pursuits. Find answers to questions related to markers, designations, cemeteries, historic property, military sites, and oral histories. Individuals from history organizations and County Historical Commissions (CHC) will benefit from attending. Symposium is open to the public.

Many thanks to the Galveston Historical Foundation for hosting us at Ashton Villa!

·      Purpose: To provide an overview of Texas Historical Commission (THC) services that help local preservationists and provide attendees an opportunity to find answers to preservation-related questions. Upcoming statewide WWI Centennial efforts will be discussed, as well.

·      Who Should Attend: Individuals interested in historic preservation work involving markers, designations, cemeteries, historic property, military sites, oral history, and local advocacy.

·      Registration Fee: $15; includes refreshments and presentation material.

·      Register Here:


Must Register by December 7: Purchase registration online with credit card using the above web link. If you must pay be check, contact Candice McClendon to arrange payment –– Call Candice at 512.463.9052, if you do not have internet access and need registration assistance.


REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE five days prior to workshop date. This deadline is in place to ensure an accurate headcount for refreshments and workshop materials. Please register early to ensure you have a seat!


Featured THC Speakers

·   Amy Hammons, CHC Outreach Program

·   Carlyn Hammons, Cemetery Preservation Program

·   Linda Henderson, Federal Programs

·   Justin Kockritz, Federal Programs

·   Candice McClendon, CHC Outreach Program

·   Sarah McCleskey, Historical Markers Program

·   Lila Rakoczy, Military Sites and Oral History Programs

·   Lydia Woods, Architectural Reviewer


Partner and Host

Many thanks to the Galveston Historical Foundation (GHF) for hosting this public workshop. More about GHF programs here: