Historic Tavern Signs

Sep 21 2019 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

On the grounds of the Landmark Inn State Historic Site.

402 Florence St
Castroville  Texas  78009

Historic tavern sign featuring the image of a cow

Join site educator Amanda Maloney to learn about historical tavern signs and witness the painting of a new notice board to be used in historic 1849 Cesar and Hannah Monod roadside tavern.

The tavern sign image used is from the Connecticut Historical Society, which has a superlative collection of tavern signs. The image of the cow reflects the story of the Old San Antonio Road over which drovers from Mexico brought animals to supply fresh meat to the American Revolutionary armies. Later, Cesar and Hannah Monod built a roadside tavern in 1849 along this road refreshing travelers. A tavern often had a community notice board where one might learn about a variety of news and information.

Visitors should wear comfortable clothing and shoes and bring sunscreen, sun hat, and water bottle. Class will be held in an outdoor environment.