How El Paso Works

Aug 12 2023 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Visitor Center

When Joseph Magoffin helped write the articles of Incorporation for El Paso, he helped shape the modern city. In this series, we will compare Joseph’s vision for El Paso to what is has become in the last 150 years. Guest speakers from municipal agencies will be invited to speak about their departments and let us know why and when we might need to call upon them to help us keep El Paso thriving.

Each session will explore a different governmental department. We will take questions from attendees and get the answers from those who are in charge of El Paso now and compare it to some of Joseph’s wisdom as mayor, county judge, city alderman, justice of the peace, and customs tax collector.

This month, Diana Cepeda will join us from the Streetcar program to discuss the history of El Paso's streetcars and the special programming and service they offer us today.

This is a series meant to help us all become more aware of and confident in using city services available to us all and to celebrate 150 years of being an incorporated city in Texas. Call in advance to 915-533-5147, ext. 1002, to register.

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