Star Party, Archaeology Day and Movie Night

Oct 17 2020 - 12:00pm to 11:45pm

Fort McKavett State Historic Site

7066 FM 864
Fort McKavett  Texas  76841

Prepare yourself for a day and night of exploring the heavens above and the earth beneath. Join us as we spend the day finding and investigating artifacts found at Fort McKavett during various archaeological digs done in the past 50 years. See the amazing finds of stones, glassware, metal buttons, and much more. Put your investigative skills to the test in our mock archaeological dig!

Take advantage of our beautiful dark night sky this New Moon and help support Fort McKavett! For a $5 donation to the Friends of Fort McKavett, photographers will be able to access the site after hours to take dazzling images of the Milky Way and other crystal clear constellations!

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