Summer 2018 Teacher's Workshop

Jul 14 2018 - 12:00am to Jul 15 2018 - 12:00am

1649 State Hwy 21W
Alto, TX 75925

A New Lens: Looking at Spanish and Caddo Contact from an Indigenous Perspective

We will hold a two-day teacher workshop at Caddo Mounds SHS on July 14-15, 8:00-4:30.

Cost $100 (includes lunch, snacks, and materials)
Certified by the TEA for CPE credit


During the July 14th and 15th Caddo Mounds State Historic Site (SHS) Teacher’s Workshop titled, A New Lens: Looking at Spanish and Caddo Contact from an Indigenous Perspective, the staff at Caddo Mounds SHS will switch out the European lens through which we traditionally examine history. Together, with an impressive array of presenters we will construct a kaleidoscope view of the period when the Spanish journeyed through the Land of the Tejas or Caddo people on the Camino Real. A variety of lessons and experiences will give teachers new approaches to looking at contact, the relationship of plants and people, and the importance of story in teaching history, culture, language arts, and more. We will examine this borderland contact period through the cultural constructs of the Caddo people, looking at Spanish progress and contact through gender and kinship as opposed to the European lenses of race and class. We will even shake up the concept of history itself. According to Dr. Julianna Barr, “the key … is to see ‘colonial America’ as one point, a late point, along a much longer continuum of North American history. [We] will place Spanish colonialism within the greater timescale of Caddo history, to avoid the confines of a history that all too often casts the post-1492 trajectory of American Indians as one defined by decimation and declension. A longer time depth reminds us that the heritage of colonialism that reaches into our present is paralleled – and shaped – by the heritage of indigenous history.”

The intended audience for this workshop is Texas Social Studies, Language Arts, and Fine Arts K-12 teachers. This workshop will cover the humanities areas of history, literature, modern languages, comparative religion, art history, cultural anthropology, archaeology, folklore and folk life. Workshop sessions will:

• Provide teachers with a unique opportunity to learn about Spanish and Caddo contact and Caddo traditions.
• Create opportunities for teachers to brainstorm with their peers and develop lesson plans for using workshop content in their classrooms.
• Provide an opportunity for teachers’ to participate in a workshop-based social media project.
• Allow participants to earn two full days of TEA approved CPE credit.

The Caddo have been absent from East Texas since their forced relocation to the Brazos River reservation in the early 1840s, and absent from Texas as a cultural group since their removal from the state in 1859. Today, the tribal headquarters for the Caddo Nation is in Binger, Oklahoma. Inviting Caddo tribal members back to Caddo Mounds State Historic Site, a sacred place for their ancestors, provides a powerful setting for Texas teachers to learn about Caddo history and culture.

There will be an afternoon session reserved for brainstorming and the creation of lesson plans to ensure that participating teachers will leave with concrete plans for how they can integrate what they learned into their classrooms.

Teachers will be encouraged to participate in a photo/social media project during the workshop and after their return to their classrooms. For the first part of this social media project teachers will be asked to take pictures of the workshop experiences that they find meaningful and potentially useful for lesson planning. Teachers will then be asked to share those images on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #caddoperspectives. For the second part of this project, participating teachers and their students will be asked to share images of their workshop-based lessons and projects with the hashtag #caddoclassroom.

A videographer (Curtis Craven) will be on site during the teachers’ workshop to interview presenters. Five short video clips of the interviews will be made available through the Caddo Mounds SHS website and the Texas Historical Commission’s YouTube channel. These lessons will be available to enrich classroom lessons. Examples of videos recorded at the 2016 Caddo Traditions Teachers Workshop are available at,

Workshop presenters:
• Dr. Julianna Barr, Associate Professor, Duke University
• Dr. Leslie Bush, Macrobotanical Analysis
• Rachel Galan, Educator/Interpreter at Caddo Mounds SHS
• Kathy Lathen, Language Arts teacher, Webb Middle School
• Emily McClamroch Mills, Naturalist, Red Earth Wildcrafted
• Jocelyn Moore, Assistant Education Coordinator Stephen F. Austin State University Gardens
• Kricket Rhodes-Connywerdy, Caddo and Kiowa storyteller & Dancer
• Dr. George Sabo, Director Arkansas Archaeological Survey
• Carolyn Spears, Director, Stone Fort Museum 
• Neal Stilley, Archaeological Steward & Master Naturalist

Prep for the day
Both days will include walking/ short hikes and other outdoor activities. Please wear, or bring, closed toed shoes. You may want a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray, and anything else that will make you comfortable outdoors.

Staying the night? 
Caddo Mounds State Historic Site is about 30 minutes from:





15 minutes from:
Rusk (The Weston hotel)

and 6 miles from Mission Tejas State Park (should you want to camp)