Understanding Audiences and Visitors Workshop

Feb 5 2016 - 8:30am to 4:00pm

John E. Conner Museum
Texas A&M University, Kingsville

700 University Blvd MSC 134
Kingsville, TX 78363

Understanding Audiences and Visitors Workshop

Know Your Audience
Before you can give the public what they want, you must first find out who they are and what they hope to get from your organization. How do you collect this information? What are demographics and why do they matter?  Most importantly, how do you use this information to keep your museum relevant and your visitors returning?

Understanding Audiences and Visitors will answer all of those questions and more.  You will find out about your current audience, how to identify and attract future audiences, and discover several free and low-cost resources designed to help you track and use this information for the benefit of your museum.  Through a combination of lecture and hands-on activities, using data from their own organizations, participants will gain the skills needed to gather information about their organizational audience, interpret the meanings of this information, and apply it to their situation.

If your job includes marketing, development, membership, or interacting with the public, this workshop is for you!  When you attend, bring the previous year’s audience or visitor data, if available, as well as the U.S. Census Bureau data about your community.

After registering for the workshop, you will receive an email from TAM telling you how to find census information.

Erin McClelland, Instructor
Based in Austin, McClelland is an independent museum specialist who works with small- to medium-sized museums. She regularly consults with museums on how they can expand their audiences and better connect with visitors.

Workshop Details:
Registration for this workshop is open on a first-come, first-served basis and is available through the Texas Association of Museums website. Advance, online registration is required. The $35 registration fee includes the cost of lunch and workshop materials.

There is a pre-workshop assignment you will need to download and complete.  You can find this information when you register through the Texas Association of Museums website.

Workshop schedule:
8:30 am Registration
9:00 am - 4:00 pm Workshop
Lunch will be provided.
Registration fee: $35

This workshop is presented jointly by Texas Association of Museums and Texas Historical Commission. The curriculum was developed by the American Association for State and Local History with grant funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Copyright 2010 by the American Association for State and Local History.  All rights reserved.